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It's a shame. I was such a big fan of his.
~ Logan Ash after blowing up the CIA boat and leaving James Bond and Felix Leiter to die

Logan Ash is a supporting antagonist in the 2021 James Bond film No Time to Die. He is a corrupt State Department agent who is later revealed to be a mole working for the notorious terrorist leader Lyutsifer Safin. He is also responsible for the death of CIA agent Felix Leiter, one of James Bond's closest allies.

He was portrayed by Billy Magnussen.


Meeting Bond

Ash started out as an operative of the CIA who became assigned as Felix Leiter's partner. When MI6 scientist Valdo Obruchev is abducted by Primo and several SPECTRE agents on the orders of Ernst Stavro Blofeld (who is still in MI6 custody), Ash and Leiter are sent to track down former MI6 agent James Bond and convince him to help track down Obruchev. Ash over-enthusiastically introduces himself to Bond, calling himself a "big fan".

Bond is dismissive of Ash, derisively nicknaming him "The Book of Mormon", and refuses to help; however, he changes his mind after discovering that Obruchev was working on "Project Heracles", a bioweapon containing nanobots that spread like a virus upon touch and are coded to specific DNA strands so they are only dangerous if programmed to an individual's genetic code.

Betraying Bond and Leiter

Bond and another CIA agent named Paloma are able to capture Obruchev after he re-codes Heracles to wipe out all of the remaining SPECTRE members on the orders of Safin, something which both Bond and Blofeld didn't expect. Bond brings Obruchev back to a boat where Leiter and Ash are waiting. Despite Ash telling Bond that his mission is over, Bond refuses to leave and angrily demands to know who Obruchev is working for. Ash, realizing that there's no way out, reveals his true nature by pulling out a gun and shooting Leiter in the stomach before kicking him into the hull. This leads to him being attacked by Bond and a fight breaking out until Obruchev is able to kick a gun over to Ash, forcing the unarmed Bond to retreat into the hull. Ash locks him in and sinks the ship with a limpet mine before leaving with Obruchev and bringing him over to Safin. Bond escapes the ship, but Leiter bleeds out and drowns to his death.

Following Blofeld's death, Q learns through several video files recorded on Blofeld's bionic eye that Ash met up with Primo and convinced him to turn against SPECTRE. This led Q and Bond to realize that Primo, Obruchev and Ash were in cahoots with Safin in his successful plot to murder Blofeld and his members of SPECTRE. MI6 agent Nomi is sent after Ash once his betrayal is revealed by Bond, tracking him to Norway. Bond is informed of Ash's location while visiting his former lover Madeline Swann and their daughter Mathilde and realizes that Ash is near his location and is tracking him. He drives away with Swann and Mathilde and is pursued by Ash and a convoy of armed men. The chase continues into the forest, where Bond directs Swann and Mathilde to hide before running away firing his gun to attract Ash's attention. Ash falls for the deception and follows the gunshots, getting most of his men shot by Bond.


Ash tries to kill Bond personally with his driver attempting to run him down while Ash shoots at him; however, the car misses and flips over, leaving Ash seriously injured. He is able to drop out of the car but is unable to move any further, observing that the car is only being held up by a slowly breaking sapling and begging Bond to help him and calling him his "brother". Bond coldly replies: "I had a brother. His name was Felix Leiter," before shoving the car downward, breaking the sapling and causing it to fall and crush Ash to death, thus avenging Leiter's death.

Despite Ash's death, Bond realizes too late that Safin only sent Ash to distract him so that he could capture Swann and Mathilde himself.



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