My kids are such monsters! (Laughter) Seriously though, they are.
~ Loki on his children.
I bring the start of a new Ragnarök!
~ Loki

Loki is a playable character in the MOBA game Smite. He is a character from the Norse Pantheon, originated from the mythology, being a god which likes trickery and mischief.


A trickster by nature, Loki is known to run amok causing mischief and mayhem. Affecting both gods and mortals with trickery, by far the worse of his deeds was the murder of Baldr. After Baldr's dreaming of his own demise, he tested every object on the earth to see that he was invisible. Knowing his weakness of mistletoe, Loki manipulated the blind Hodr to throw a spear made from his weakness at Baldr, killing him. Although Hel promised to revive the deity if every living being mourned his demise, one old woman caused Baldr to stay dead. Once the other deities discovered said crone was a disguised Loki, they punished him by tying him to a rock with his insides, with a venomous snake dripping venom on him constantly. However, with the vicious god free once more, it it said that Ragnarök is perhaps inbound for the deities.


Loki, in his original appearence, alongside his daughter, Hel.

In game, Loki takes the role of a assassin type character, mainly using his knifes to attack others. His passive allows his attacks from behind to be stronger and he has abilities that make him summon a faux version of himself, turn invisible, and teleport to attack others with his Ultimate.

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