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Oh. My. God. We should totally, like, rub fronts.
~ Lola Skumpy in Drug Buddies.

Lola Unfuglio Skumpy is the major recurring character and a recurring antagonist in the Netflix animated TV Show Big Mouth. She is a fat, ugly and annoying girl who likes to bully other girls, along with her best friend Devin. Little does she know, Devin is not a real friend, as she makes fun of her all the time in ways that she's too stupid to understand. She is frequently seen hanging out with Devin.

She was voiced by Nick Kroll who also voiced Nick Starr, Douche in Sausage Party, Tippy Tinkletrousers in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, Sergei in The Secret Life of Pets 2.


Lola is a loud, obnoxious, disgusting girl, who everybody hates. Lola is melodramatic, attention-seeking, boy-crazy, and quick to anger. Lola is quite egotistical and believes she's a lot better than she really is. People don't like going near her because of how crude and repulsive she is, so she doesn't have many friends, other than fake friends such as Devin, who secretly bully her and involuntary friends like Gina, who only befriend her because they feel obligated to be with her for some reason.

Truthfully, Lola comes from an abusive home, as her mother has been blatantly proven on multiple occasions to verbally and emotionally abuse her, telling her that she wishes she was more like her friend, Devin and even telling her to get out of the house, despite the fact that she lives there. Lola seems to be blissfully ignorant to this and assumes her mom is only joking, when she's actually being an outright horrible person to her.


Lola is an overweight and unattractive Caucasian teenage girl. She has long, lumpy blonde hair, which is curly in the back. She also has lopsided bangs in the front. She also has dark brown eyes, a massive forehead and a large mouth with pink lips that spans her broad pair of cheeks.

She wears an electric orchid shirt and skirt, a Tyrian sangria undershirt, light white knee socks, carnation high heels, an ugly orange bead necklace, and orange bead earrings. She talks with an extremely raunchy and uncomfortably masculine voice.


Lola made her first appearance in "Ejaculation", where she and Devin had a brief cameo at the dance. Jay blew a bunch of fire at them and nearly burned them alive. Lola screamed at him that she was wearing a ton of hairspray, calling him a psycho. In "Everybody Bleeds", Lola lovingly swooned over Mr. Lizer when he talked about how the Europeans stole the United States of America from the Native Americans. Lola called him dreamy and said that his history lessons were very deep.

At the end of "Am I Gay?", a preview for the next episode pictured Lola and Devin at the sleepover with Jessi and Missy.

In "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality", Lola, Devin, and Missy went to Jessi's house for a sleepover and we got to learn more about her. It was learned that Lola was a bit of a bully but only because she was following in the footsteps of Devin to look cool. We also got to see that Devin subtly took shots at Lola, proving that she didn't consider Lola a friend but more of a pawn that she could drag around with her.


  • Lola appears to be a latchkey kid, as she's been shown in her home for long periods of time, without either of her parents being present.
  • In "What Is It About Boobs?", it was revealed that Lola was an anti-feminist when she called out Jessi for her comments about women being objectified for their bodies.
    • It was also implied that she was a Trump supporter, given how she said "Magga", which could have been a reference to Trump's slogan, "M.A.G.A." (or "Make America Great Again").
  • In "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!", it was revealed that Lola's middle name was "Ugfuglio". Lola claims that her middle name is the name of "the patron saint of sausage and peppers".


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