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Lolotte is the chief antagonist of Kings Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, she is a powerful and evil fairy who seeks to spread evil across her realm in the manner of an evil witch or sorceress.

Lolotte stole the good fairy Genesta's talisman, which caused Genesta to rapidly lose her magical powers - so much so that if her talisman was not returned within 24 hours she would die.
Genesta fears that Lolotte will use the talisman to unleash further evil on the magical land of Tamir and asks Rosella to aid in recovering the talisman in exchange for a magical fruit that can save Rosella's ailing father.
Genesta disguises Rosella as a peasant girl in order to try and evade detection but Rosella is soon captured by Lolotte's goons and brought to the evil fairy's castle: Lolotte believes she is a spy and has her locked in a dungeon filled with skeletons and torture devices.
Luckily for Rosella Lolotte's son, Edgar, is stricken by her and convinces his mother to set her free: in exchange she is forced to capture a unicorn for Lolotte to prove her "innocence".

Once Rosella brings back the unicorn Lolotte decides to send her to capture another animal she desires, namely a hen that can lay golden eggs, which is kept by the Ogre.
Yet even when Rosella braves the Ogre's home and brings the hen back to Lolotte the evil fairy decides to send her on another mission: this time to retrieve Pandora's Box itself - a terrible artifact that would allow Lolotte to be in possession of the purest evil.
Understandably reluctant to aid Lolotte in her evil scheme Rosella is left with no choice and once again retrieves the artifact as requested - however Lolotte has another nasty surprise for Rosella when she returns: namely that she is going to be forced to marry Edgar in the morning.
Lolotte orders her goons to escort Rosella to Edgar's room and leave her there. After a while, Edgar comes up and leaves a rose in the room, upon examining the rose Rosella finds a gold key attached, once again Edgar had come to her aid (despite his attraction to her Edgar must have more honor than to accept his mother's idea of a forced marriage).
Rosella proceeds to sneak her way to Lolotte's bedroom and uses her bow and arrow to slay the evil witch while also reclaiming Genesta's talisman.
Edgar comes up and sees his mother dead but he doesn't seem unhappy, in fact he seems to reward Rosella by giving her control of the castle - apparently relieved to be rid of his evil mother.


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