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The Lone Wanderer is the main protagonist of the 2008 video game Fallout 3 and all of its DLCs, including Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta.

Depending on player's choice, they can make the Lone Wanderer become a villain, though these acts are likely considered non-canon, not counting side quests.


Villainous Acts

Fallout 3

Main Story

Growing Up Fast
  • At just the age of ten years old after receiving their BB gun, The Lone Wanderer can repeatedly shoot their father and Jonas with it just to annoy them.
  • During The Lone Wanderer's escape from Vault 101 after James leaves, Butch will run to The Lone Wanderer and beg them to save his mother who's being attacked by Radroaches. The Lone Wanderer can either refuse to help even after making Butch beg even more for help or tell him that they will help, but then allow Butch's mother to die anyway.
  • After Amata asks The Lone Wanderer to promise to not kill her father who is The Overseer, they can immediately betray her once again and kill him right in front of her.
Following In His Footsteps
  • Once The Lone Wanderer gets to GNR Studios, they can kill Three Dog and destroy the Capital Wasteland's only source of inspiration, being replaced by his significantly less enthusiastic assistant Margaret.
Tranquility Lane
  • After The Lone Wanderer enters the simulation at Vault 112, they can play along with Dr. Braun's demented games and eventually become The Pint Sized Slasher and violently murder every resident in town and then let Braun live so that he may repeatedly torture the occupants of Vault 112 for all eternity.
    • Additionally, the player could follow through with Braun's games but then betray him anyways by activating the failsafe, trapping Braun within the simulation for all time completely by himself.
Finding the Garden of Eden
  • Inside Vault 87, The Lone Wanderer eventually comes across Fawkes locked inside of his room and ignore him so that he's stuck inside of a cramped prison for all time, since super mutants can't die of old age, only getting bigger with time.
The American Dream
  • After The Enclave kidnaps The Lone Wanderer and they make it to President Eden, they can agree with his plan to insert his modified version of the FEV virus into Project Purity so that it kills everyone in the wasteland who is even slightly irradiated, most likely killing thousands in the process, and ruining James' vision for a better capital wasteland.
Take it Back!
  • In the final quest of the game, The Lone Wanderer can selfishly send Sentinel Lyons into the irradiated chamber to die instead of them, like their father had sacrificed himself to save their lives.

Side Quests

Agatha's Song
  • After The Lone Wanderer visits her home and promises to find the Soil Stradivarius violin in Vault 92, they can betray her after they find it by instead giving it to Ahzrukhal or Abraham Washington, neither of whom will ever use it.
    • Alternatively, they could get the Soil Stradivarius for Agatha and after she rewards them with her husband's old revolver named "The Blackhawk", kill her with it and ensure there's one less radio station in the capital wasteland.
Big Trouble in Big Town
  • If The Lone Wanderer visits Big Town, where all the children of Little Lamplight go once they're too old to stay, everyone is in constant panic due to super mutant's always kidnapping them and one will ask The Lone Wanderer to free their friends Red and Shorty at an old police station. Once there, they can either kill both of them, or allow the super mutants to kill them during the escape. Afterwards, the super mutants will attack Big Town one last time and The Lone Wanderer can just sit back and watch as all the residents are murdered.
  • Also, if The Lone Wanderer goes to the doctor's office in town and finds Timebomb, they can kill him with the option "put him out of his misery".
Blood Ties
  • After Lucy West in Megaton asks The Lone Wanderer to help find her brother, they can instead kill her brother in the Meresti train yard and then inform her that not only is her brother dead, he killed both of her parents.
Head of State
  • Instead of helping escaped slaves kill their former masters, The Lone Wanderer can tell slavers at the Lincoln monument where they are hiding.
  • Two of the worst options is siding with Laurel and applying a liniment to Harold's heart and making him live his tortured live for several more generations.
  • Another option is setting Harold on fire with a flamer so he dies painfully and slowly, and then killing all the Treeminders so that the Capital Wasteland can never recover with their knowledge of growing healthy trees.
Reilly's Rangers
  • Instead of helping Reilly's team escape the super mutants, The Lone Wanderer can instead murder all of them or allow the super mutants to kill them all.
Stealing Independence
  • The Lone Wanderer can murder Sydney and tell Button Gwinnet to self destruct, then steal the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta, and the Bill of Rights for themselves.
Strictly Business
  • The Lone Wanderer can enslave Flak, Susan Lancaster, Arkansas, and Red for the slavers at Paradise Falls, then continue working with them afterwards enslaving several people just for the profit.
The Nuka-Cola Challenge
  • The Lone Wanderer can give 30 bottles of Nuka Cola Quantum to Ronald just so that he can give them to her himself and then have sex with her, tricking her into loving him.
  • If The Lone Wanderer is a woman and has the "Black Widow" perk, they can tell Ronald if he goes and gets the quantum himself, he can have a threesome with Sierra and The Lone Wanderer herself and he'll run excitedly to a nearby Nuka-Cola plant, only to be killed by nukalurks.
The Power of Atom
  • One of the first things The Lone Wanderer can do if their explosives skill is high enough is agree to help Mr. Burke detonate the nuke in the center of Megaton for Allistair Tenpenny, killing two children in the process, making The Lone Wanderer the only 3D protagonist to be able to murder kids.
  • If The Lone Wanderer then goes to the sight of the blast, they can find Moira Brown turned into a ghoul and either kill her to leave no survivors of the explosion or tell her they were responsible for the blast and then leave her alone in the merciless wasteland knowing her home is destroyed, all of her friends are dead, and she's irreversibly deformed.
Tenpenny Tower
  • The Lone Wanderer could then immediately betray Tenpenny by siding with Roy Phillips to massacre every resident inside Tenpenny Tower. Afterwards, The Lone Wanderer can again betray their former employer by killing Roy and all the other ghouls, then stay in the tower all by themselves or leave it to rot.
The Replicated Man
  • Dr. Zimmer will ask The Lone Wanderer to find and return to him an escaped synth from The Commonwealth, who turns out to be the chief of security Harkness, and turning him in will make Zimmer permanently erase who he is as a person.
  • Bryan Wilks, a child from Grayditch who's home was taken over by fire-breathing ants made by Weston Lesko, can be sold to slavers in paradise falls after The Lone Wanderer agrees to find a home for him.
Trouble on the Homefront
  • Trouble on the Homefront: After The Lone Wanderer hears a radio signal from Amata to return to Vault 101 if they killed the previous overseer, they can side with the new overseer and kill Amata and her rebellion.
  • They could also decide to sabotage the vault by blowing up the water purifier and forcing everyone to leave the vault where they will all most likely die quickly given their lack of experience with the outside world.
Rescue from Paradise
  • The only evil option The Lone Wanderer can do is agree to help the children escape from Paradise Falls and then simply forget about them, never helping them so they remain slaves until they all die.
Wasteland Survival Guide
  • The Lone Wanderer can either lie about all of Moira's quests so that her book is very inaccurate and get many people that read it killed in the process or tell her that her ideas are awful and she should give up, which permanently dampens her normally always cheery mood.
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
  • The only evil options The Lone Wanderer has in this mission is killing Ted Strayer and Dukov for their keys to the T-51B power armor, instead of peacefully persuading them to hand the keys over.

Unmarked Quests

300 Pieces of Silver
  • Colin Moriarty can ask The Lone Wanderer to help him retrieve some caps from a woman named Sara Silver, who they can kill in her own home and instead of giving it to Moriarty for information on his father's whereabouts, keep it themselves and hack Moriarty's computer for information so that Sara was murdered for nothing.
A Nice Day for a Right Wedding
  • A Nice Day for a Right Wedding: Angela Staley is in love with a religious man named Diego and will ask The Lone Wanderer to bring them ant queen pheromones. If they do, she uses them to force Diego to marry her and then presumably rape him after their wedding.
  • The Lone Wanderer could also kill Diego so she'd be heartbroken.
Happy Birthday to You
  • Once The Lone Wanderer reaches Little Lamplight, they can immediately kill Sticky with no consequences. Sticky is only 16 years old.
Economics of Violence
  • Pronto, a merchant in the slaver town of Paradise Falls, asks The Lone Wanderer to bring him 20 Chinese assault rifles which are some of the best guns in the game, so he can sell them to other slavers in order to make capturing unwilling people much easier.
Our Little Secret
  • If The Lone Wanderer visits the town of Andale and discovers the residents are all cannibals, they'll confront them about it and if The Lone Wanderer is a cannibal themselves, they can tell all the residents that they won't tell anyone what's happening in Andale so they can continue to kidnap, murder, and eat anyone they come across.
  • If the Lone Wanderer isn't a cannibal however, they can instead murder Old Man Harris so that Jenny and Junior won't have any kind of positive role model in their lives on top of their parents being dead.
The Lost Initiate
  • Paladin Hoss of The Brotherhood of Steel will tell The Lone Wanderer that Initiate Pek is trapped inside of an office building surrounded by super mutants, with his gun jammed. Instead of helping, The Lone Wanderer can kill both Hoss and Pek.
  • Paulie Cantelli can be given psycho by The Lone Wanderer and he overdoses quickly afterwards, leaving his wife Cindy all alone in Rivet City.
  • Even worse, he can be given psycho The Lone Wanderer either bought or had stolen from Cindy so that she feels partially responsible for his death.

Random Encounters

Vengeance for Megaton
  • Survivors of Megaton's explosion can find The Lone Wanderer out in the wasteland, who then kills all of them.
Kill the Slaver
  • If The Lone Wanderer uses the mesmetron to enslave any unnamed wastelander, their friends and family members can ambush The Lone Wanderer in an attempt to avenge their loved one, who then kills them.
Dying of Thirst
  • A beggar named Ben Canning will rush to The Lone Wanderer and beg for some purified water, whom The Lone Wanderer can refuse and watch as he slowly dies.

Operation: Anchorage

  • After saving U.S Troops from Chinese soldiers, The Lone Wanderer can then kill the American prisoners.
  • In order to avoid a fight with General Jingwei, The Lone Wanderer can convince him that he's lost the battle and tell him to commit suicide, which he does by stabbing himself with his own sword.
  • After coming out of the simulation, The Lone Wanderer can kill the harmless Outcast scribes.

The Pitt

Main Story

Free Labor
  • Instead of siding with the slaves, The Lone Wanderer can side with the leader of the slavers called Ashur. He will send The Lone Wanderer to kill the leader of the rebellion, Wernher.

Side Quests

Wild Bill's Last Stand
  • Slave Milly will ask The Lone Wanderer to help find her friend Wild Bill who was last seen in the steelyard. The Lone Wanderer will eventually find out he's been dead all along, but when Milly asks how he is, they can exaggerate his death by saying he saw trogs ripping Wild Bill apart wild he was still alive and they were forced to put Wild Bill out of his misery by shooting them in the head with his own pistol, causing her to faint.
Slave Snitch
  • The Lone Wanderer can meet a traitor to the slaves named Brand who's been hired by Ashur himself to get information on the slaves and see if they're rebelling. The Lone Wanderer can betray the rebellion by telling Brand that Midea is helping Wernher who's working to free the slaves and Marco is making weapons for the rebellion, who will then be killed by the slavers.

Other Villainous Actions

  • After killing Werhner and ruining any chance of a rebellion, The Lone Wanderer can then kill Marie's parents (Ashur and Sandra) so not only would she eventually die without their care, but destroying the opportunity for anyone else in the Capital Wasteland to become immune to mutations from the prevalent radiation.

Point Lookout

Main Story

Thought Control
  • Instead of helping Desmond install a signal jammer at the top of a ferris wheel to stop Professor Calvert's messages to his cult, The Lone Wanderer can instead destroy the jammer.
A Meeting of the Minds
  • Once The Lone Wanderer reaches Desmond in the lighthouse, they can kill him and then Calvert to put an end to their centuries long feud.

Side Quests

Plik's Safari
  • After The Lone Wanderer survives Plik's waves of feral ghouls with other players, who they can also kill, they can also murder Plik to take back all of their money.

Mothership Zeta

Main Story

Not of This World
  • After The Lone Wanderer is kidnapped by aliens, Somah will suggest they start a fight to attract the aliens and escape. However, once they arrive to try and break up the fight, they can also kill Somah.
Among the Stars
  • Once Elliot, Paulson, and Toshiro are released from the Cyro Pods, The Lone Wanderer can kill all of them, leaving Sally all by herself on an alien spaceship with no possible way of getting back to Earth.
  • When The Lone Wander reaches the alien's death ray, they can actually fire it onto several areas in the US, most likely killing thousands of unsuspecting people.

Other Villainous Actions

  • The Lone Wanderer can kill any harmless alien workers who will run away from them and cower in fear if they're cornered.
  • If The Lone Wanderer finds Toshiro's sword at the waste disposal area inside a closet full of health items, instead of returning the sword to Toshiro, they can instead murder him with it so that he never regains his honor.

Broken Steel

Main Story

  • In "Who Dares Wins", The Lone Wanderer can fire the payload onto The Citadel in the Capital Wasteland and obliterate them, destroying The Capital Wasteland's best option for protection against everything.

Side Quests

Holy Water
  • Instead of trying to convince the Apostles of Holy Light to stop selling contaminated water, they can murder all of them.

Other Optional Villainous Actions

  • Breaking into homes to stealing all of their valuables.
  • Massacring entire towns full of people for no reason at all.
  • Selling people into slavery.
  • Pickpocketing live grenades and mines into people's pockets.
  • One of the worst things The Lone Wanderer can do is betray their irrefutably and unwavering loyal companions, Dogmeat. At any moment, they can kill their best friend and to make it even worse, possibly kill their puppies if they have the perk of the same name.
  • If The Lone Wanderer talks to Mayor MacCready and Princess about how she got her nickname, The Lone Wanderer can taunt her about it and even make her cry.
  • They could even kill all of the children of Little Lamplight's dogs.
  • The Lone Wanderer can sell the nicest child in Little Lamplight, Bumble, to a slaver waiting outside.
  • At Rivet City, The Lone Wanderer can ruin the lives of several residents:
    • C.J. Young and James Hargrave can both be convinced to run away from Rivet City and into the wasteland where they will most likely die and then the Lone Wanderer can kill their parents so even if they do return, they have no one left in their lives.
    • The suicidal Mister Lopez can sometimes be found at the top deck of the ship overlooking the wasteland where he can either be convinced to jump off or even be pushed to his death.
  • When The Enclave storms Project Purity and kills James, The Lone Wanderer can kill all the employees during the escape except for Madison Li or allow The Enclave to kill them.
  • Before The Lone Wanderer has even left Vault 101, they have the option to help Butch DeLoria and the Tunnel Snakes bully Amata more than they already were by telling them that she's sensitive about her weight, even though they're friends at that point.
  • After every horrible thing The Lone Wanderer does, they can one more time betray everyone they have worked with in the past and utterly wipe out nearly every NPC in The Capital Wasteland, destroying an entire civilization of people in a country already mostly gone.



  • In Fallout 3's trailer, The Lone Wanderer's name on his Pip-Boy is Albert.
  • Todd Howard's son, Jake Howard, voiced The Lone Wanderer's crying as a baby in the introduction of the game.
  • The Lone Wanderer's birthday is July 13, 2258. This would make them only nineteen years old as soon as they left Vault 101.
  • In Fallout Shelter, the player can sometimes receive a legendary 10mm pistol named "Lone Wanderer".
  • In Fallout 4, an available perk for the player is "Lone Wanderer", which makes the player take fifteen percent less damage overall and have fifty more pounds of carry weight as long as they don't have a follower with them, excluding Dogmeat.
  • In Fallout 76, the player can sometimes find a brand of motorcycle called "Lone Wanderer".
  • The player has the option to make The Lone Wanderer become a cyborg with the perks "Cyborg" and "Wired Reflexes".
  • In a play-through to kill every single NPC in Fallout 3, YouTuber "Many A True Nerd" discovered the maximum number The Lone Wanderer can kill is 1,286 people and 1,726 creatures, totaling in 3,012 total kills, not counting respawning enemies or those that can't be killed without console commands/mods.

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