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"Help!" [Alec] thought he heard himself say. Then he realized it hadn't been him at all. It had been the bear beside him in the bin. Then it was the bear on the other side of him. Pretty soon, it was every bear in the bin, their thin, muted screams for help swallowed by the metal and darkness that entombed them. Alec and his new friends. Dozens of the lonely ones.
~ The ending to the Lonely Freddy story, in which we see the Lonely Freddies' true size of their haul of trapped souls.

The Lonely Freddies are a group of mini-animatronics given to lonely children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. However, they actually swap minds with children. One Lonely Freddy appears as the titular main antagonist of the second short story in Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch.



The Lonely Freddies are small toys/animatronics given to lonely children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. They can ask the children about many things. In reality, when enough questions are answered, they begin to body swap with children. Many, many children have been body-swapped with the Lonely Freddies.

Lonely Freddy

Alec was a bullying older brother to his sweet sister, Hazel, thinking she was a spoiled brat. In reality, Alec was the spoiled brat, simply beacuse his parents gave more attention to Hazel. When Alec realises this, he escapes to a hidden room, feeling remorseful for what he did. There, he finds a Lonely Freddy. Alec himself knew of the Lonely Freddies, seeing one before. Lonely Freddy starts asking questions, but they slowly becomes more and more disturbing. Eventually, Lonely Freddy's eyes glow, while Alec starts losing control of his body. Eventually, as his family is nearby, Alec regains control of himself, but everything is bigger. He runs to the Party Room, but two kids start arguing and tryng to take Alec for himself, and eventually throw it on the ground. Alec eventually finds his family, but there is another Alec, playing with his sister, Hazel. Eventually, a girl named Charlotte pukes on (the real) Alec. Hazel and (the fake) Alec try to help Charlotte, while an employee takes the real Alec with him. Staring into a mirror, Alec realises the horrifying thruth - He has body swapped with the Lonely Freddy, and that he is now a Lonely Freddy. As the employee goes with the real Alec, now trapped inside Lonely Freddy's body, the fake Alec (the actual Lonely Freddy), winks at the real Alec. The employee throws the real Alec into a dumpster. As the dumpster is locked, Alec screams for help, but realises there are many other kids screaming. The dumpster is full of Lonely Freddies, who are actually body-swapped children. Alec is now trapped inside a dumpster, while the Lonely Freddy has won, stealing Alec's body.

Relation to the Fredbear Plush

Many people started speculating that the Fredbear Plush from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is actually a prototype of a Lonely Freddy. Both Alec and the Crying Child from FNaF4 have sisters, and a Freddy friend, who asks them questions, among many more. The theory, dubbed "Lonely Fredbear" by the fandom, is unconfirmed. However, seeing as some of the Fazbear Frights stories will help solve the lore of the games, Lonely Freddies and the Fredbear Plush might be connected.


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