Long John (McTreasure)

Long John Silver is the main antagonist of "The Adventures of Ronald McDonald: McTreasure Island".

He was voiced by Tim Blaney, who also played Grimace and Captain Smollett in this special.


When Silver was introduced, he and his crew were seen making Ronald, Grimace, Birdie, and Hamburglar walk the plank to the ocean of Sharks. Fortunately for Ronald and the gang, they were saved in the knick of time by Caot. Smollett who ordered Silver to remove them from the plank. Later, however, Silver and his crew have unleashed a mutiny that they secretly planned and captured Smollett and his crew, including Jim Hawkins. While Ronald and the gang, with the assistance of Ben Gunn the marooned, scares Silver and his crew, who believe that Capt. Flint's ghost has come to haunt them, until they found Flint's Treasure spot, only for it to be gone already, until they confront the heroes one last time only for Silver's crew to turn against Silver, mainly because Ronald McDonald used the coin under the hat trick from McDonaldland on Silver.


  • Unlike the many different iterations of Long John Silver, this iteration has never showed sympathy to Jim Hawkins, nor did he managed to redeem himself.
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