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Longo Two-Guns is a leader of a crime gang and is known as the fastest blaster on Tatooine. He has a rivalry with Jabba. He is also working with Gardulla the Hutt. He is an antagonist in Star Wars: Bounty Hunters.


Longo became a leader of a criminal gang at some point and began rivaling with Jabba. He killed four of Jabba's men and takes control of his lands through violence. Longo's gang gets lots of reputation around his area. After Longo commited criminal and pillaging acts, Jabba put a bounty on Longo's head. Jango in his search for Komari Vosa began hunting Two-Guns to get Jabba's trust.

Jango encountered him and began fighting Longo's men. After defeating Longo's men, Jango went up against Longo in a showdown. They began blasting each other with blasters however Jango's armor protects him from Longo's blasts.


Longo is skilled in guns and earned the nickname the fastest blaster. He was so good that he became arrogant.


  • He was voiced by Tom Kane who voiced Yoda in the Clone Wars series.