Looma Red Wind is the Tetramand princess of the planet Khoros.

She was voiced by Kimberly Brooks, who also voiced Jasper in Steven Universe and Daisy Fitzroy in Bioshock Infinite.


Looma Red Wind is noticeably taller than a normal Tetramand and wears a gladiator suit. Like all Tetramands, she has crimson-red skin color and an extra pair of arms. She also has dark lips with yellow eyes without pupils and wears a Viking helmet.



Prior to Many Happy Returns, Kevin Levin and Argit travel to Khoros seeking a powerful indestructible engine from the Tetramands for Kevin's car. Kevin was to battle Looma in order to claim the engine and won, but he also had to marry Looma as a result. Since then, Kevin has been on the run trying to escape his nightmarish wedding. However, Looma was not willing to give up and has been chasing after him and trying to marry him by force.


In "Many Happy Returns", it is revealed that Kevin is still on the from Looma. He asks Ben to hide him so Ben takes him and Gwen to Undertown. Unfortuanetly, Looma manages to locate him there after torturing a kidnapped Argit into divulging Kevin's whereabouts. She declares Kevin as her husband-to-be and is offended about his relationship with Gwen. She tries to forcibly kidnap Kevin and even brings the entire wedding ceremony with her. Ben challenges Looma to a dual to determine Kevin's fate, but Kevin tricks Ben into transforming into Four Arms revealing that female Tetramands fall for the males who defeat them in battle. As a result, Looma dumps Kevin and makes Ben her new fiancé. She and the rest of the Tetramands leave revealing that the wedding will be within 3 years and Ben is last scene murmuring that he'll kill for that.

Looma returns in "Rules of Engagement", where she goes on a rampage in Undertown gathering important items for her wedding. As a Tetramand custom, all brides must get four things: something battered, something bruised, something blue and something borrowed. She kidnaps Rook, Ester, Ben's (now ex-) girlfriend Julie Yamamoto and her new boyfriend Herve and stuffs them in a bag. She delivers them as "gifts" for her future mother-in-law, Sandra Tennyson. When Looma learns of Ben's history with Julie, she considers Julie a "rival" and challenges her in a dual. Julie, aided by Ship merging with her as a battle suit, successfully defeats Looma. Ashamed of her failure, Looma calls off the engagement believing that Ben deserves to be with Julie more than herself.


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