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You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!
~ His famous quote.

Looten Plunder is one of the Eco-Villains in the show Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

In the first 3 seasons, he was voiced by the late James Coburn, who also played Henry J. Waternoose III in Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc..


Looten Plunder is a businessman who only cares about money and will do anything to obtain more, even cause a lot of harm to the planet and let other people suffer. He is even willing to sell out the other Eco-Villains if he could benefit from it. He has also done poaching in order to obtain more wealth. His primary source of income may be the lumber industry as his pollution ring was the power of deforestation, though as stated before he will do anything to obtain more money.

Whenever the Eco-Villains team up, he would usually become the leader of the group due to his vast wealth, except for when Zarm grouped them together.

Looten Plunder is also the only Eco-Villain to ever truly defeat the Planeteers allowing himself to cut down a whole forest.

Looten Plunder symbolises unethical business actions and uncontrolled capitalism. In the two-part Captain Planet Episode, Mission to Save Earth, Looten Plunder is among the five Eco Villains who create Captain Pollution. They did this by creating and using five Anti-Elemental Rings consisting of Deforestation, Toxins, Smog, Super Radiation, and Hate. Looten Plunder's element was Deforestation. Unfortunately for the Eco Villains, Captain Pollution was destroyed and the Anti-Elemental rings along with him, leading Looten and the other villains to flee.


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