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The Looters

The Looters are an antagonistic group of psychopaths in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. They typically travel in groups of three with each member wielding a tomahawk, flashlight, and crowbar respectively.


The Looters are scavengers who take advantage of the zombie outbreak in Fortune City by looting various stores and businesses during the chaos. They also commits acts of vandalism by their smash-and-grab robberies and their use of green spray paint to mark territories and their set-up shops. They also can use the green spray paint to blind Chuck Greene or Frank West if they are not careful, which will result in them being robbed. The Looters dress in gray hooded "Fortune City, Nevada" sweatshirts, red bandanas, and backpacks. Judging by their voices, they are presumed to be either teenagers or young college-age adults.

Chuck/Frank first encounters the Looters when he is looking for Zombrex in a pharmacy on the other side of the Royal Flush Mall. He finds three of them terrorizing a pharmacist named Denyce while demanding access to the store's nonexistent safe. Chuck/Frank intervenes and kills the Looters to save Denyce.

Other looters appear in the mall areas, having taken over abandoned stores and making them into semi-functional businesses that sell Combo Weapons and Zombrex among other things. Such pawnshops include Moe's Maginations and Just in Time Payday Loans. The free-roaming Looters will disappear following the creation of the Gas Zombies, but those manning the shops will remain to sell wares to Chuck/Frank.

It is unkown what happened to surviving looters after the events in Fortune City, whether they perished due to the zombies or firebombing, or managed to escape the city.

They can be easily recognized by their leitmotif (a techno-esque beat), which plays just as they appear.


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