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"Don't worry, I'm a gentlemen!"
~ Lord Oakwell wooing Linda Fowler moments before he causes her death in a road collusion.

Lord Alex Oakwell is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale. He served as a major antagonist in 1997 and 1998 who was responsible for the death of established character Linda Fowler in the show's 25th anniversary special. He also served as the main antagonist in the series' 1998 spin-off film Emmerdale: Revenge.

He was portrayed by Rupam Maxwell.


At a young age, Lord Alex Oakwell inherited Oakwell Estates and grew into a wealthy figure in the aristocracy. He was also related to his cousin Grayson Sinclair and the latter's mother Rosemary King.

Upon growing up into adulthood, Alex Oakwell married an entrepreneur named Tara Cockburn and together the pair ran Oakwell Estates together. Soon they appeared in Emmerdale when the duo formed a business partnership with fellow businesswoman Kim Tate from Harm Farm Estates. As the partnership escalated, Alex Oakwell and Kim developed romantic feelings for each other despite the fact that Alex Oakwell was already married whilst Kim is preparing her engagement party to her fiancé Steve Marchant. By the, both Kim's stepson Chris Tate as well as Steve himself were growing skeptical towards Alex Oakwell over his business methods.

Later on, Alex Oakwell and Kim hosted a party at Home Farm for the whole village to attend. Eventually he got acquainted with one of the attendees, Linda Fowler, and offered to take her home. She agreed and at first they got along, but then Alex Oakwell revealed that he has an ongoing drug addiction and tries to get her to enjoy it with him. Linda rejects him and Alex tries to rape her in the car, which ends up crashing in the woods. Linda is left unconscious, and Alex Oakwell decides to leave her to die as well as implicate her for dangerous driving and drug abuse; Linda is rushed to hospital and dies in front of her devastated loved ones.

It is soon revealed that Alex Oakwell's status as a legitimate businessman is complicated and that he is actually a criminal whose list of offences include drug abuse and money laundering. The village soon learns of his nature as well as his involvement in Linda's death. Alex Oakwell later resurfaces when he holds Steve, along with both Linda's husband Biff Fowler and her father Ned Glover, hostage at gunpoint upon trying to escape the country. He also takes Tara hostage when she rejects him, before later betraying her by stealing their jewelry and leaving her to face the music from the village.

Just as it appears that Alex Oakwell has gotten away with his crimes, Linda's brother Roy tracks him down in London and plans to avenge her death. Roy travels there along with his sister-in-law Kathy Glover, their friend Marlon Dingle, and old enemy Eric Pollard to try and bring Alex Oakwell to justice. It thereupon transpires that Alex Oakwell is perpetuating a diamond smuggling operation with his partner-in-crime Dan Campell.

When they eventually discover Roy and his group's presence in their hideout, Alex Oakwell holds them at gunpoint and orders Campell to kill them. However, he is surprised when Campell reveals himself to be an undercover cop investigating Alex Oakwell's criminal activates. In response, Alex Oakwell shoots Campell when a scuffle breaks out between them and he takes Kathy hostage; Roy and Marlon go after them while Eric tends to Campell, who alerts the police at their location. Kathy manages to evade Alex Oakwell, and in doing so reunites with Marlon.

Afterwards, Roy peruses Alex Oakwell on his own and they fight on the roof. In the end Roy reveals that he is Linda's sister seeking to avenge her death and attacks Alex Oakwell, ultimately defeating the latter and holding him at gunpoint. Alex Oakwell pleads for his life, only to accidentally slip off the roof. Roy contemplates on leaving Alex Oakwell to die, but decides to help him up; when Roy reaches for his hand, though, Alex Oakwell loses his grip and falls off the roof to his death.



  • Lord Alex Oakwell is the cousin of fellow Emmerdale antagonist Grayson Sinclair, thus making Alex Oakwell related as well to Grayson's mother Rosemary King.