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Villain Overview

This state... It burdens my body immensely, similar to anaerobic exercise. It's supposed to be a trump card I only use to settle a fight quickly, but this man... makes me wanna go all out.
~ Boros to Saitama after releasing his full power.
You lie. You had strength to spare. I never stood a chance. It wasn't even a battle. So much for prophecies. You were too strong... Saitama...
~ Lord Boros's last words to Saitama.

Lord Boros is a major antagonist in the webcomic and manga anime series One Punch Man, serving as the main antagonist in the Alien Conquerors Arc. He is the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, a group of pirate aliens who invade other planets. Boros' personal goal is to find an opponent who is worthy of his might, so he traveled to planet Earth to fight Saitama.

He was voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa (who has voiced Naraku, Yoshikage Kira, Mard Geer Tartaros, Sephiroth, and Griffith, Ri Boku) in Japanese and Chris Jai Alex in English.


Lord Boros is a slim, cyclopean alien with lightly colored spiky hair and pointed ears, which are adorned with multiple earrings. His face is covered with crack-shaped markings that start from his eye(and cover most of his body presumably).

In the area of his body below his chest, there seems to be another eye, which moves in synced with his original one. At first, he is seen wearing a full body armor that suppresses his powers.

When the armor is broken by Saitama's punch, he attains a more intimidating and slightly more muscular build, while his skin darkens in color, parts of his body grow scales and spikes, and his markings start emitting energy, and gain a lighter color. In his Meteoric Burst form, his appearance changes drastically. His hair grow reaching his back, his eye's sclera becomes black, and his body becomes engulfed in energy, while his markings now return to their original, dark color, and right before he fires his Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon his body briefly turns black and yellow


Due to his tremendous power, Boros is a very arrogant being, referring himself as the Dominator of the Universe. Like Saitama, he seeks out those that are capable of giving him a good battle. Despite his arrogance, he does display respect to others, as shown when he wished to exchange names with Saitama, before engaging in battle. After his battle with Saitama, he's come to realize how superior Saitama is compared to him. Although he claims that Saitama was holding back, he admires the former's power and for giving him the battle he's always wanted.


Boros spaceship arriving at A-City.

Boros hails from a planet with harsh living conditions, which gave the members of his race unprecedented strength. Boros rose among them as the best one, growing so strong that practically nobody could match him. He eventually grew bored, deciding to turn to galactic conquest and creating the Dark Matter Thieves, traveling the space to find an opponent who could give him the fight he desired. During his travels, he met with a fortune teller who told him he would find a very strong opponent on the distant planet Earth. Though his crewmates distrusted the prophecy, Boros still followed it, and after 20 years they finally arrived at Earth.

Boros about to strike.

Their ship hovers about A-City, which is wiped out in an instant by their cannons. Boros awaits at his throne at first, but after hearing explosions inside the ship he goes to the control room, where Geryuganshoop informs him of an intruder that invaded the ship and was killing their forces. Boros tells him to team up with Groribas and Melzargard, but Geryuganshoop informs that Groribas was defeated already. Boros returns to his throne and patiently awaits for the intruder. After defeating Geryuganshoop, Saitama finally reaches Boros, who congratulates him and tells his story, but Saitama punches him, telling him that boredom was a stupid excuse for attacking other planets.

Lord Boros' death.

Boros survives the punch, which breaks his armor. Stating it was only a power limiter, Boros unleashes his power and the two warriors fight. Despite losing one arm, Boros continues fighting and eventually regenrates it. He then unleashes his Meteoric Burst form, continuously attacking Saitama and kicking him with enough strength to send him to the moon. Saitama returns and uses his Consecutive Normal Punches, which pulverized Boros though he recovers almost instantly. Impressed, Boros launches his final attack, the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, which was a huge beam of energy strong enough to wipe out the entire planet. Saitama counters the attack with his Serious Series Punch, which repels Boros attack and critically wounds him.

With no energy left, Boros compliments Saitama, who tells him it was a good fight. However, Boros calls him a liar, for he realized Saitama was holding back and that he was no match for him, dying shortly after.

Powers and Abilities

Boros is one of the strongest opponents Saitama ever faced. Being classed as a Dragon Level Threat or higher, Boros is a very powerful Mysterious Being, whose energy is powerful enough to blast away entire planets. His overall strength and power rivals that of Saitama's suppressed strength, who even regards him to be a powerful opponent and the most powerful one he had ever faced at that point. Boros is said to have travelled through different planets, destroying multiple races and defeating countless beings across the universe as a result. He is the most powerful member of the Dark Matter Thieves, having authority over the entire armada and absolute rule.


Boros sends Saitama flying through several pillars.

  • Superhuman Strength: Boros has displayed a large degree of his strength. His punches and kicks were enough to send Saitama flying through pillars and large portions of his ship, which is durable enough to withstand the impact of Saitama leaping all the way from the Moon, the jump leaving a massive crater on the natural satellite. In Meteoric Burst, his strength increased immensely, able to destroy a large portion of his ship and send Saitama flying right into the moon.
  • Superhuman Durability: Boros has a very high level of durability. He is the first villain to withstand a normal punch from Saitama, despite having his true power sealed away by his armour, which mildly surprised the hero. In Meteoric Burst, he was able to tank another punch directly into his chest, which only made cough out blood and nothing more, and temporarily endure his Consecutive Normal Punches before being blown apart. He was also able to briefly survive the shockwave of Saitama’s Serious Punch, even after expending all his energy into his ultimate attack.
  • Superhuman Speed: Boros has shown that he can move at extreme speeds. He was able to keep up with a suppressed Saitama and even occasionally catch him off guard, who had reacted to Geryuganshoop's near lightspeed rocks with much less effort and considered their speed to be nothing more than a bad joke. In Meteoric Burst, his speed increased greatly to the point that it impressed and surprised Saitama.
  • Superhuman Endurance: Boros had incredible endurance. Despite having his arm torn off by Saitama's punch, he showed no signs of pain and kept on fighting. After completely exhausting all of his energy using his final move and having his entire body nearly obliterated by the shockwave from Saitama's Serious Punch, without being able to regenerate, Boros was still able to stay conscious and briefly talk with the hero before finally passing away.
  • Regeneration: Boros is capable of utilising his energy to regenerate his injuries and limbs in a matter of seconds. This is shown when he was able to regenerate his arm in an instant. He was also able to regenerate his entire body from Saitama's punches in an instant as well. Boros stated that his species possess the greatest natural healing in the universe, with Boros himself surpassing the rest of his race. However, if Boros runs out of energy, he would no longer be able to regenerate his injuries.

Boros' Energy Projection.

  • Energy Projection: Boros is capable of launching out and fire large blasts of energy from his body. He can create large portions of energy that are enough to destroy large portions of his spaceship. He states that his energy is capable of completely vaporising any organism in an instant, including their bones.
  • Flight: Using his energy, Boros is capable of levitating and propelling himself at extreme speeds through the air.


  • Unrestricted Form: Boros normally wears a special restraining armor that contains his power. However, once it is destroyed or removed, his true power is unleashed, in which he displays a variety of powers and abilities at high stats.
Meteoric Burst.gif
  • Meteoric Burst: Meteoric Burst is the final and most powerful form that Boros takes on. In this form, his strength and speed are augmented beyond the limits of his full power. However, it has the side effect of immensely burdening his body and shortening his lifespan. As such, he only enters this state in order to end a fight quickly.
Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon.gif
  • Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon: This is Boros' final and most powerful move. While in his Meteoric Burst state, he can release the entirety of his energy into a single massive beam from his mouth. This attack is powerful enough to destroy the entire planet (although in the manga, it is stated that it will wipe out the planet's surface).
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Boros is a highly proficient and skilled warrior, with countless years of experience to back up his power and reputation. He's able to share an even straight-match with Saitama, even with just one arm. He is an extremely adept combatant, who can adapt to the situation and stage of the fight. Once his true power is unleashed, he becomes a complete monster at fighting, able to deliver multiple strikes on his enemy's body with excellent precision, as well combining his abilities and powers in a very coordinated way. Before Saitama, nobody was able to even hold their own against Boros in a fight.


  • Incomplete Power Control: It is hinted that Boros has no proper control of his immeasurable power, which apparently risks his life if he is not careful. Judging by how quickly he ran off stamina after turning on his fully-powered state, it can be assumed that Boros never learned how to control his energy right. The fact that his armor was a jar to contain his power only adds more proves to the case.

Fighting Style

His fighting style consist about delivering his overwhelming power on his enemies with brutality. In combat, Boros became a highly dangerous and skilled opponent, combining his immeasurable abilities in order to attack his enemy on multiple spots and cause as much damage as he can, ensuring his victory on combat. He is seen delivering a blast of attacks at Saitama and being able to hold his own against the bald hero (even though Saitama was holding back), as well being able to keep with him even with just one arm. He uses his regeneration and physical prowess to get an edge on battle and overwhelm his opponent.


Dark Energy by Makoto Miyazaki

The Ruler by Makoto Miyazaki


  • Boros initially had a different design in the manga, where he was depicted with steel-plated armor and more of a human look. He was later given more of an alien look.
  • Boros is one of the two villains to survive an extended battle with Saitama, as well as give him a challenging fight. The other being Awakened Garou.
  • In the official One Punch Man Encyclopedia, Boros is labelled as "Dragon", but in an interview with ONE, he states that Boros is "Dragon or higher". This implies that Boros is somewhere between being Disaster Level Dragon and God.
  • When ONE was asked who would win in a fight between Boros and Garou, he stated that Boros would obviously beat his human form, but it would be "one hell of a battle" against his Awakened form. He added that Boros would fight with overwhelming power, superior playback ability, energy attacks from a distance, while Awakened Garou would fight with excellent fighting ability.

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