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You're completely ruining my evil introduction!! Just let me do it! Ahem! ...And their boss-man, Lord Boxman, a super-genius business mogul and villain extraordinaire, is bent on the complete annihilation of Lakewood Plaza Turbo, and its do-gooding staff! With his army of evil robot children, he wages war on the Plaza, and will emerge victorious and unopposed any day now! There! Was that so hard?!
~ Lord Boxman introducing himself.

John Boxman, better known as Lord Boxman, and previously known as Lad Boxman, is the secondary antagonist in the 2017 Cartoon Network series OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. He is the overarching antagonist of the animated pilot, Lakewood Plaza Turbo, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Darrell) of Season 1, one of the main antagonists of Season 2 and a major antagonist in Season 3.

He is a supervillain scientist and the head of Boxmore, a store that supplies robots and other weapons to villains. He is obsessed with destroying Lakewood Plaza Turbo, the plaza for heroes across the street from Boxmore, and sends his robotic children to attack it on an almost daily basis. He was replaced by his son, Darrell as head of Boxmore at the beginning of season two, but he's since reclaimed his position as the company's leader alongside Professor Venomous.

He is voiced by Jim Cummings, who also played Steele in Balto, Fuzzy Lumpkins in The PowerPuff Girls, Ed in Disney's The Lion King, Jacques in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. Nessus in Disney's Hercules, Dennis in Disney's Tarzan, Hernán Cortés in El Dorado, Razoul in Disney's Aladdin, and Pete in all Disney media including Goof Troop and the Kingdom Hearts videogame franchise.


Lord Boxman is a short and round person with a rotund figure and pale yellow skin. He has spiky light green hair and a bronze-gold colored cybernetic plate on the left side of his head with a red eye plate as well, a gold claw-esque cybernetic hand on his left arm resembling a chicken leg, as shown in "We're Captured", and sharp teeth. His main attire is a large white lab coat with a dark blue tie and also wears black pants and boots as well.


Lord Boxman is a classical villain who hates everything heroic. He also despises friendship as he views it as a weakness as well as a threat to his business and uses that belief to justify making and sending countless robotic henchmen out to Lakewood Plaza Turbo to destroy the area and defeat all of the heroes that attend and work at the store. He's willing to try to turn heroes against one another, such as when he had captured K.O. and tried to lure in Enid and Radicles to make them view him as a nuisance when the complete opposite had happened. Despite his hatred of friendship, however, Boxman is seen referring to Professor Venomous as his friend as seen in "Villain's Night Out" where he sings a song about how he and Venomous are friends and actively tries anything he can to impress his top client and remain a close friend of his at all costs.

Boxman also has many robots made and he often refers to them as his children and has them rebuilt after they are defeated in battle, but is often disappointed with their failures and will make new robots to replace them when necessary. He is also rather smart and intellectual, as Boxman can properly manage his company and creates the needed robot henchmen for his overall goals. When dealing with his investors, he strives to impress them even going as far as to force himself to avoid attacking the plaza for a single day as a means of increasing the production of his robots to appease his investors so he can remain in business.

When it comes to people, Boxman himself appears to want nothing more but to impress Professor Venomous as he often bends over backward to make him happy by any means necessary whenever he visits his business. When he came over to Boxmore for a dinner party, Boxman went to the extreme to make him happy and won back his support after he displayed his devotion to fighting the heroes of the plaza, a trait that Venomous admires greatly about him. In "Villains' Night Out", Boxman reveals that he's fully aware of the views that the other villains have on him and doesn't care that they hate him. He only attended the party just to prove that he could care less about how they view him and instead dedicates himself to destroying the plaza at all costs. His devotion and obsession with destroying Lakewood Plaza Turbo and surpassing Mr. Gar as the top businessman is his passion and he views his battles with them as such.

After being fired by the Board of Directors and being fired into the sun, Boxman returned after three months had passed and was flabbergasted by the reality that Darrell had succeeded him as the head of the company and chastised him for it, despite the fact that Boxmore was breaking records in terms of profits. Boxman was then forced to work under Darrell's rule and was even sent to attack the Plaza, but was beaten like Darrell was before him. He then confronted Darrell and planned on chastising his son once again, but he soon reflected on what happened during his time as CEO of Boxmore and realized that Boxman had failed Darrell. He then admitted that Darrell was more successful than Boxman ever was and even admitted that he was proud of Darrell. He was so proud of his son that he walked away and let him remain as Boxmore's CEO.

Despite having walked away proud of his son, he found himself homeless and without a job and eventually crashed at Venomous' house where he caused a huge mess due to his behavior. His time out the streets also saw him become desperate and let himself go. This culminated in the accidental destruction of his house after Boxman slipped following him getting out of the shower and he caused a doomsday device to explode and took the house along with it. Boxman would still desire to attack the plaza and even built a destructive tricycle for Fink to use and this was enough to allow Venomous to become his partner and co-run the company with him.

Powers and Abilities

Lord Boxman is a largely non-action villain as he rarely engages in open battles with the heroes in Lakewood Plaza Turbo and instead relies on his robot henchmen to defeat the heroes and sends them to the plaza to fight them. His henchmen are sent in via Blind Boxes, which are forms of transportation to the plaza and can hold as many henchmen that are sent in.

Boxman himself has a high level of intelligence, as he is able to create countless robot henchmen and can send them in on a daily basis as well as afford the needed assets to do so. In the video game OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo, he serves as the final boss and will transform into Lord Box-Max after drinking his Evil Tonic. He can summon robots, teleport with boxes, has enhanced punches, and sends out blasts and shoots lasers out of these boxes. However, these abilities are purely exclusive to the game and not the overall main series.


Y'know, Ernesto 1701, I learned something interesting about myself in the last 24 hours; I don't have to attack the Plaza. I want to.
~ Lord Boxman about attacking Lakewood Plaza Turbo.
No, you failed me! Come, Darrell, do you know why I send you robots over to destroy Lakewood Plaza? To eliminate friendship! Lakewood Plaza is crawling with friendship!
~ Boxman to Darrell.
Ernesto 2199: If I could just have a sliver of your time, Lord Boxman. A client, uh, just called.
Lord Boxman: Ernesto 2199, can you not see that I'm trying to focus on getting upset about some kids across the street having fun?!
~ Lord Boxman to Ernesto.
Lord Boxman: When people enjoy each other, they don't buy evil fighting robots. This is a graph of our sales.
Darrell: Ooh, math!
Lord Boxman: Now watch what happens when we introduce friendship to the equation. [Graph lowers tremendously] See? Friendship, lowers, our, graphs! Besides, it's just plain disgusting.
~ Boxman explaining why he hates friendship.
Darrell: Hey, cool, fire! Is this supposed to teach me like, how friendship makes you feel?
Lord Boxman: No. It's supposed to teach you to never fail me again!
~ Boxman throwing Darrell into a furnace.
Lord Boxman: Lord Boxman! I've had my eye on you, you know. I see you got yourself a little friendship going with those two goons at Gar's.
K.O.: Friendship?
Lord Boxman: Yes, it's disgusting and I hate it, and I want it destroyed!
~ Boxman confronting K.O.
Why, you see what they do to people who get in their way. And seeing as I'd hate to get in their way, I'll just put you between us. Blinds! Now to watch from the shadows, like a total creep.
~ Boxman leaving K.O. to deal with Enid and Radicles. horrible little brats! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! You know what I hate? IIIIIIIII...hate your niceness! Ooh, and I hate your "friendliness"! Ah ha ha ha ha! I HATE YOU KIDS! I HATE THIS BODEGA! I HATE LAKEWOOD PLAZA, TURBO! Bwoh, yes I do! Ah ha ha ha!
~ Lord Boxman snapping.
I knew it all along, you know. I knew all the villains hated me. The real reason why I came along is because I wanted to show them that I DON'T CARE what they think of me. They're never gonna stop me from doing what I want! Whether it's destroying the plaza, or destroying this accursed yacht!
~ Boxman explaining why he came to the dinner party with Professor Venomous.


  • It is possible that Boxman is a parody of/based on Dr. Wily, Dr. N. Gin and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, as they are all mad scientists who build evil robotic henchmen. Specifically, Boxmore bears some resemblance to the evil lairs utilized by Wily, N. Gin, and Boxman's designs bear striking similarities (most notably their shared cybernetic faces), and Jim Cummings had previously voiced Robotnik in Sonic SATAM.
  • Strangely, despite his lack of understanding that good and evil can be a moral gray area, his robots seem to grasp a better understanding of this.
  • He refers to his body fat as "puff", and is quite insecure about his weight.
  • Though he appears short and fat, in the episode "We're Captured", he is seen breaking a chair over his knee with little effort. It is not known if he knows his own strength.
  • As seen in the pilot's intro, it is possible he was originally supposed to have both normal arms.
  • His design changes between him having a human ear on the right side of his head to having his cybernetics encasing the entire back of his head.
  • According to Boxman, he has taking himself go-karting for all of his birthdays.
  • Ian Jones-Quartey, the show's creator, confirmed that he's pansexual in Twitter.[1]



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