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Before you decided to throw your life away and interfere in our mission, you should have asked yourself one very important question... What makes you so special?
~ Lord Brevon
That's nice to know, but I was more interested in your resolve. You crack easily, it seems. And this one... I have a funny feeling about you. I'll bet I could hack at your limbs all day and you'd still find a way to bite back.
~ Lord Brevon during the infamous torture scene.
Lilac: I'll never forgive you!
Lord Brevon: I have no use for forgiveness, especially from someone who puts my homeworld at risk for an oversized battery. I offer you one final chance. Leave! Now! [Lilac doesn't leave.] So be it.
~ Lord Brevon to Lilac before the first phase of his battle.

Lord Arktivus Brevon, or better known as Lord Brevon, is the main antagonist of the 2014 indie video game Freedom Planet and the arch-enemy of both Sash Lilac and Torque. He is an intergalactic warlord who crash-lands on the planet Avalice after an intense battle. His goal is to drain the life out of the planet in order to rebuild his spaceship and continue his dreams of galactic conquest.

He was voiced by Alexander Barriga.


In the game's intro, after his spaceship crash-landed on the peaceful planet Avalice, Lord Arktivus Brevon ruthlessly murders the king of the city of Shuigang in front of his son, Prince Dail. The Prince is traumatized and tries to fight back, but Brevon is able to easily get him into a choke-hold. He then brainwashes him using his invention, Syntax. By using the brainwashed Prince, he is able to recruit the entire army of Shuigang in starting a war against the other kingdoms of Avalice.

He remains unseen for a while after this; however, his presence is still very clear as his troops attempt to steal the Kingdom Stone. This is shown after a "Chaser" named Torque lands on the planet and gets the game's protagonists Lilac, Carol, and later Milla to help him keep the Kingdom Stone away from Brevon.

About midway through the game's plot, Lilac is kidnapped by Brevon and is brutally tortured by him via electrocution. He also cuts off what little of her fur is not already burnt. This was all done in front of Torque in order to get information. It is also stated that Brevon has killed and corrupted thousands of the "heroes" who try to stand up to him.

Brevon soon attempts to start the war, but the three kingdoms unite against him. Lilac, Carol, and Milla enter Brevon's starship. Brevon sends all of his troops at them. He also actively tries to kill the protagonists, with him even cutting all oxygen from the ship. He even mutates his own loyal general Serpentine and Milla to a disturbing extent and forces Lilac and Carol to fight Them.

Before fighting Brevon, Lilac shouts at him that she will never forgive him. Brevon disregards this, saying that he does not want forgiveness from someone who puts his planet at risk for the Kingdom Stone, which he describes as an "oversized battery".

Brevon is soon defeated and severely beaten up by Lilac. However, Brevon survives and escapes the encounter, but almost all of his troops are dead and his battleship was destroyed leaving him defeated and less of a threat. His survival could potentially lead to his return.


Lord Brevon is a tall green alien warlord with a large brownish-orange eyebrow-like hair, wearing a metallic armor complete with a dark brown cape donned with 2 gold emerald gems.


Well, he didn't get that name selling cookies. He's dangerous with a capital D. Brevon is the most powerful enemy we've ever faced. Hundreds of worlds destroyed, thousands of heroes killed or corrupted, enormous amounts of weapon energy stolen... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
~ Torque about Lord Brevon

Lord Brevon has a very intimidating presence due to his large appearance and deep voice. He is a sadist who is willing to do whatever it takes to get information, including murder, torture, and manipulation.

He is extraordinarily strong; one swing from his knife has been shown to kill most people instantly on touch, and in his boss fight, it takes away the majority of a character's health.

Brevon claims his actions are justified and that stealing the Kingdom Stone is for the sake of the survival of his own planet, whether or not this is true is unknown but his actions speaks louder than his own words due to his cruel and dishonorable nature either way.


My turn...
~ Brevon's first line.
King of Shuigang: How did this happen?! Our walls are impenetrable!
Lord Brevon: Your floor isn't.
King of Shuigang: Well then... If death is what you seek, then I will gladly provide it!
(The king attacked, but Brevon dodged, and his troops fired at him)
Lord Brevon: There's no reason to be hostile, your majesty. In fact, you should be proud. Your son is moments away from inheriting the throne.
King of Shuigang: Dail!
Prince Dail: I tried, father!
King of Shuigang: What do you want with us?!
Lord Brevon: How should I explain this... I'm gifting your son with my knowledge. It will make him the most powerful ruler your world has ever known... and he will answer to no one but me.(
He killed the king)
Prince Dail: No... Murderer!
(He tried to attack Brevon but was grabbed by him)
Lord Brevon: Prepare the snatcher.
~ Brevon during his first appearance.
My actions have hurt people? I had no idea. I'm dreadfully sorry.
~ Brevon's sarcastic response when Torque reminds him why his homeworld is suffering.
Find the commander and his pets and tear them to shreds. And leave their brains intact if possible. I might use them for something.
~ Lord Brevon giving his commands to his troops as the heroes approach his ship's launch base.
We have intruders on the ship, mobilize!
~ Lord Brevon at Final Dreadnought 1.
Get them!
~ Lord Brevon at Final Dreadnought 1 before the surprise attack.
Open the airlocks!
~ Lord Brevon before he opened the airlocks.
Run while you still can, creature!
~ Lord Brevon before the final Syntax Boss fight.
You're forgetting something very important about our troops. They don't......need......oxygen!
~ Lord Brevon, as he began cutting off oxygen.
Ohhh nooo! My ship is being infiltrated! What ever shall I do! How about THIS?
~ Lord Brevon
Lilac: Your machines won't save you from the dragon you unleashed! I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU THROW AT ME! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!
Lord Brevon: I'd like to see you try.
~ Lord Brevon before the infamous final phase of his battle.
Rrrgh! You've pestered me long enough! Say goodbye!
~ Lord Brevon attempting to strangle Milla before Lilac saves her and beats him up severely.



  • Brevon's boss fight is infamously difficult; so much that the game's creators toned down the difficulty and put the other version in Hard, the hardest difficulty in Freedom Planet. The fight has been compared to the boss fight against Mike Tyson in the video game Punch-Out!!.
  • Because of the fact that Brevon survived, it is possible that he could return in Freedom Planet 2
  • He is inspired by General Roth'h'ar Sarris, the main antagonist of the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest.
  • His unibrow is inspired by the mad genius Dr. Eggman's iconic mustache from the Sonic the Hedgehog videogame franchise.
  • Originally, he was referred to as Dr. Brevon according to Strife.[1]


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