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Lord Chaos

Lord Chaos is a villainous and powerful cosmic entity in Marvel Comics. He functions as a supreme agent of chaotic events, thoughts, and ideas. He is eternally bond yet opposed to his "brother" Master Order, the two are depicted as extremely one-sided and only truly function properly when together, despite their complex rivalry.

Lord Chaos is usually the more wild and dangerous of the pair but both entities can pose a significant threat due to their one-sided natures and vast powers.

Master Order and Lord Chaos created the In-Betweener to act as a balancing force in their rivalry, this entity has been known to engage in villainous activities, such as trying to drive the universe into madness, thus by default, Master Order is partially responsible for these actions.

In at least one alternate universe Master Order and Lord Chaos killed a weaker version of the Living Tribunal, despite this usually being impossible, this was later revealed to be part of a vast cosmic plot by the First Firmament.

Powers and Abilities

Lord Order is a vastly powerful conceptual entity, only able to manifest via an M-Body (Material Body) via the Dimension of Manifestations - as the supreme agent of chaotic ideas, events and thoughts he has unlimited power over such phenomena but is limited by being fixed in an eternal state of "chaotic" behavior, just as his "brother" is in an eternal state of "ordered" behavior.


  • Master Order and Lord Chaos are among the strongest cosmic entities in Marvel's "mainstream" cosmic hierarchy - yet stand below Eternity or Death.