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Take me! I'm ready to be a Titan and rule every dimension!
~ Lord Commander.
Can't you see? There is no one beside you. Avocato, his son, your crew? Everyone you've cared about is gone! All because of that! And now, your life ends. But nothing quick. I want you to experience the same pain you put me through. A slow, painful death.
~ Lord Commander confronting Gary Goodspeed.

Jack the Lord Commander is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 adult animated series Final Space, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1, a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Season 2 and the central antagonist of Season 3.

He is the evil overlord of Terra Con Prime Sector 18650, as well as the archenemy of Gary Goodspeed and Avocato. He is also the former right-hand minion of the dark god Invictus, betraying him in favor of becoming a Titan, something he succeeds in.

In the show's pilot episode, he was voiced by the series' creator Olan Rogers. In the official series, he is voiced by David Tennant, who also played Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Kilgrave in Marvel's Jessica Jones, Cale Erendreich in Bad Samaritan, Dread the Evil Genie in Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Sir Piers Pomfrey in St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold, Wilf in Postman Pat: The Movie and Brendan Block in Secret Smile.


In the pilot, the Lord Commander possesses pale aquamarine skin, and is dressed in a black robe with a magenta lining. He also has a cybernetic eye in the place of his right eye. He still is depicted as small. His finalized version lacks the cybernetic eye and magenta lining in the black robe. He has a slightly darker skin tone, yellow eyes, and wears a more futuristic attire. Before he became superpowered, the Lord Commander's skin was light green, thus his grey skin tone could either be a result of his powers directly or a physical manifestation of his slow decay as a result of using them.

After being resurrected by Invictis, he ia able to use his abilities without causing harm to himself and can also heal any damage taken, his head rebuilding itself after being shot in the face by Gary Goodspeed.

His current form is that of an armored, multi-mile tall Titan with glowing yellow eyes and exposed veins on the top of his head.


The Lord Commander is a deranged, aggressive, and cruel tyrant who takes immense gratification with the suffering of his victims, never hesitating in using his powers to maim, torture, or kill people. His go-to solution always seems to mutilate people into submission or killing them outright. As such, he is seen as a very dreaded figure.

The Lord Commander lacks any concern for other species; his most despicable scene being where he forced his top lieutenants to kill their firstborn as a sign of loyalty. The Lord Commander is also self-absorbed, prideful of his abilities despite him slowly dying because of overusing them. The Lord Commander is extremely unforgiving to his minions, often killing them in violent ways.

One instance of this is when he strangled his servant to death simply because he had given him a cookie that was the wrong size. His ship's crew live in a state of absolute terror of him, knowing they could be killed by him at a moment's notice. The Lord Commander does have somewhat of a comedic side. However, for the most part, the Lord Commander is presented as a bloodthirsty and dangerous monster who is a genuine threat to all of existence.



The Lord Commander was once a member of the Infinity Guard named Jack who had been friends with John Goodspeed, the father of the protagonist Gary Goodspeed. When John went to space to attempt to seal the breach in space-time, the Lord Commander gets caught in the blast from the explosion, which causes his skin to become paler and develop telepathy/his "Light" abilities. Meanwhile, a creature is comprised of particles from Final Space. The Lord Commander captures Specimen E35-1, as he named it, knowing that it's the key to unlocking Final Space, something the Lord Commander desired, as he wanted to become a Titan, which is a race of beings imprisoned in Final Space.

The Lord Commander eventually gets himself an army, and makes the Ventrexian named Avocato his right hand man. As revealed in the Season 3 episode "The Ventrexian," the Lord Commander offers to give Avocato a purpose in return for assassinating the ruling family of Ventrexia and handing over ownership of the planet to him. After committing the deed, Avocato discovers an infant Ventrexian, who also turns out to be the child of the slain monarchs, revealing that Avocato's son, Little Cato, was actually adopted. The Lord Commander angrily tells him that the infant would be the death of him, and he served under the mad tyrant for years. The Lord Commander and Avocato would then blow up planets. On one day, the Lord Commander ordered his men to prove their loyalty by killing their child. All but Avocato stayed loyal, and the Lord Commander proceeded to imprison Little Cato.

Despite its initial appearance, Specimen E35-1 is said to be a bioweapon capable of destroying entire planets. However, through some unknown means, Specimen E35-1 escaped from Lord Commander's grasp, eventually finding its way to an exiled young man named Gary. Gary names the alien "Mooncake" after a caterpillar his father had given him years ago. The Lord Commander will stop at nothing to retrieve the gelatinous life form, now that he has an army.

Season 1

The Lord Commander is introduced when a man is brought into his lair. At first, the man pokes fun at his size, only to then get thoroughly interrogated by him. When the man insists that he had no idea where Specimen E35-1/Mooncake was, the Lord Commander proceeds to sadistically torture the man with his telepathic powers, contorting his body in gruesome ways. The man pleads for his life before the Commander snaps his neck and allows one of his minions to eat the remains. When he learns of Specimen E35-1's whereabouts, he sends some of his minions to invade Gary's prisoner ship. Gary gets into a run-in with the minions and risks his life by ordering the prisoner ship to speed up, even though it would add onto his sentence. Several of the minions are sucked into space.

Gary is confronted by one of the minions appointed to capture Specimen E35-1, Avocato. Avocato explains the true purpose behind "Mooncake" but also states that a bounty hunter was hired to retrieve the alien. The first episode ends with the Lord Commander trailing them in his ship, declaring that the stage had been set.

The Lord Commander sends a bounty hunter named Terk is tracking Gary and Avocato on the Galaxy One in New York City. In order to keep the Lord Commander from learning this, the two go to Tera Con Prime. It is revealed that the Lord Commander is keeping Avocato's son hostage. Whilst searching for Gary, Avocato visits his son in his cell, unaware that it was a trap. Avocato is taken to the Lord Commander, who then lectures the cat alien on his failed mission. Avocato gives the Lord Commander Gary's name as an attempt to reason with the alien tyrant to no avail. Gary arrives only to be on the receiving end of the Lord Commander's telekinetic powers. This leads to Gary getting his arm ripped off. The Lord Commander gets some of Gary's blood sprayed into his face, blinding him. This gives the two friends the chance to escape. When the two return to the ship, Avocato gives Gary a robot arm. The two vow to find Avocato's son, as well as avenge the loss of Gary's arm. Chapter Two ends with Avocato's son getting taken to some unknown place with the Lord Commander gloating that he was going to a place where his father will never find him.

In Chapter 3, the Lord Commander sends a fleet of incinerators to attack the Galaxy One. As a means of escape, Gary orders the AI H.U.E. to take them through a temporal worm at the risk of either going backward or forward a thousand years in time. They arrive approximately 4 days later.

Avocato suggests that they hide Mooncake on a planet known as Yarno as they couldn't evade the Lord Commander forever. Meanwhile, the Lord Commander visits the Order of the Twelve, extraterrestrial beings who act as the eyes of the universe. Hulu, one of the "Helpers," deduces that the Lord Commander was slowly dying the further he used his powers. Out of annoyance, the Lord Commander uses his powers to destroy Hulu's eight eyes out of spite.

Gary, Avocato, and Mooncake arrive to Yarno, where they are met by Stevil who ensnares them into a mental labyrinth. Mooncake escapes from its imprisonment only to find itself fighting against several monsters. After decimating several of the beasts with its destructive beam, the Lord Commander arrives to collect it.

Gary and Avocato arrive at the coliseum just in time, and they combat the alien tyrant. The Lord Commander reveals that Mooncake was the key to opening the titular Final Space, which is somehow the answer to keeping him from dying. The three teammates escape the coliseum, causing the Lord Commander to suffer from some massive damage due to him overusing his powers. He is last seen getting picked up by his fleet.

Episode 4 opens with Gary and Mooncake leaving the Galaxy One in order to recharge the reactor by gathering energy from a dying star. They arrive at a deserted spacecraft called the Scarlet Lance and begin to gather energy. Mooncake wanders off, discovering a transmission that was left by the crew of the Scarlet Lance. The former captain explains how they had discovered a small lifeform of mysterious origins they dub Specimen E35-1. Unfortunately for the crew, the Lord Commander's fleets intersect the transmission, leading to the Lord Commander massacring the crew. The episode ends with an unknown helper giving Little Cato a device and chip so that he could send the coordinates to his father.

Gary and the team of the Galaxy One trace the gravitational disturbance to a strange bioluminescent planet where it is revealed that the Infinity Guard had joined forces with the Lord Commander, and that they are firing a laser at the breach as a means of opening Final Space, the result of which could spell destruction for not only the Earth, but to the entire universe as well. Meanwhile, Cato tries to figure out how to send the message to his father; while tampering with the device given to him in the last episode, he unintentionally summons a hologram of a shrouded figure. Even though he didn't initially trust the hologram, he uses it to escape from his prison and successfully sends the message to his father. However, it turns out that the hologram was really the Lord Commander who once again traps Cato, revealing that it was a gambit to lure his father and Galaxy One to him.

Galaxy One intercepts the message that Little Cato left in Chapter 6, learning that he was on a prisoner colony name Zetakron Alpha. Despite Quinn's vehement disapproval, Avocato and Gary arrive to the planet where Avocato reveals that he used to be the Lord Commander's second-in-command. After serving him for years, the Lord Commander decided to test the loyalty of his lieutenants by forcing them to kill their firstborn children. However, Avocato refused to murder his son, and he turns the gun onto the Lord Commander. Angered by his treachery, the Lord Commander uses Little Cato as a bargaining chip, vowing to kill him if Avocato failed him again. Upon arriving to the planet, Avocato realizes that his son had been brainwashed by the Lord Commander and finds himself fighting his son reluctantly. Lord Commander then uses his psychic powers to tap into Gary's mind and learns that Mooncake was on the Galaxy One. Before he could send his fleets, Quinn arrives and KVN uses Mooncake to create a huge laser and blasts it at the Lord Commander. Just as the team was about to leave, the Lord Commander spitefully uses his psychic abilities to implant a bomb onto Little Cato. Avocato discovers the bomb, and tells Gary to take care of his son. He then grabs the bomb and sacrifices himself by running towards another side of the ship.

Little Cato attempts to avenge his father in the next episode at the cost of his, Gary's, and KVN's lives as well by trying to blindly destroy one of the Lord Commander's heavy incinerators despite HUE having analyzed that he wasn't on the incinerator. When Nightfall arrives and attempts to kill Mooncake, she reveals that she was from an alternative future where no matter the timeline she visited, Gary ends up getting killed by the Lord Commander, culminating in Mooncake massacring several planets, unwittingly allowing the Titans to get unleashed onto the universe.

Chapter 9 picks up with Gary and the Galaxy One arriving to Earth in order to retrieve the antimatter bomb located in New York. As the Earth was being absorbed into the breach, the team had limited time to get the antimatter bomb. The bomb is revealed to have been relocated by the Lord Commander himself, and they race against the clock to get the bomb with their limited time. The team meet up with Tribore who explains that when the Lord Commander infiltrated the Infinity Guard, a small rebel group was created. Galaxy One is able to retrieve the bomb, only to receive a transmission from the Lord Commander. He gives Gary and the other the final chance to give him Mooncake or face death. Gary and the team refuse his demands and prepare to engage in a large scale war between them and several of the Lord Commander's heavy incinerators.

In the season finale, the Lord Commander successfully captures Mooncake, and places him in a laser that forces Mooncake into creating a portal powerful enough to release the Titans. When Gary intervenes, Lord Commander abjectly refuses to acknowledge himself as once being named Jack, believing that he was chosen to release the Titans from Final Space so that he could become a god over all dimensions. However, his plan goes awry when one of the Titans manages to suck the Earth into the portal before Quinn successfully detonates the antimatter bomb though at the cost of destroying any chances of her returning. The Lord Commander is last seen enraged that his attempt at godhood failed.

Season 2

In the first episode, the Lord Commander, still lingering onto life, angrily glares at Mooncake saying that he wished that they never met. Without warning, Nightfall arrives and impales the Lord Commander with a harpoon before he can siphon more power from Mooncake. As the Lord Commander writhed in agony, Nightfall tells the Lord Commander that in every timeline she kills him, Invictus takes his body and revives him. So she gives him a message for his master when he gets revived, that she'll be coming for Invictus next, before finally killing him and ending his wicked life. However, at the end of the episode, as Nightfall said, his body then disintegrates and is transported away by Invictus once both her and Mooncake leave, who tells him that their work isn't finished.

In "The Remembered", the Crimson Light ended up going back in time after getting eaten by a time worm. As such, Gary decides to stay in the past when they decide to prevent Avocato's death by saving him at the exact moment the Lord Commander placed the sticky bomb on his son's back. As such, the Lord Commander ends up surviving Gary's near attempt on his life, leaving him there for approximately three years.

Season 3

The Lord Commander returns in the episode "The Hidden Light", where he kills three Arachnitects, captures Avocato, Little Cato, Sheryl Goodspeed, Fox and Ash Graven, and chokes Little Cato to get information on where is Mooncake. One episode later, in "The Ventrexian", he forces Avocato to reveal his backstory and takes his six prisoners to a unknown location.

Sensing great power within Ash, the Lord Commander attempts to have her join him in the episode "One of Us." He fights against her in a battle that makes them seem evenly matched until he mutilates her fingers. When Gary and Quinn arrive to save the crew, he gets shot at by Gary only for him to heal himself. As they were escaping in their ship, the Lord Commander tries to kill them with an energy blast only for Mooncake to intercept it. Invictus berates him for allowing the key to get away the episode ending with the Lord Commander, on his ship, heading towards the crew. At the beginning of "All the Moments Lost", the Lord Commander chases the Team Squad, but they lightfold into the orbit of a Black Hole which leads to Invictus. The Lord Commander stops chasing them, knowing where they are going.

Returning episodes later in "Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising", the Lord Commander is encountered by Invictus, who possessed a corpse of an alternative Gary, where he's choked by it, before being ordered to invade Earth, as that's where the Team Squad is hiding. In the next episode, he originally tries to capture Mooncake, but sees a Titan hatching in the core of the Earth. Betraying Invictus and crushing the zombie Gary it was controlling, he enters the core of the planet in order to merge with it and become a Titan. Despite being chased by Avocato, Little Cato, Sheryl Goodspeed, KVN and Biskit, and with the planet and his ship even exploding, the Lord Commander successfully merges with the Titan and destroys the KVN Net, the very thing that was supposed to kill Titans.

Following up the events of the previous episode, the Lord Commander uses his newfound powers to gut and decapitate Bolo. After he failed to kill Gary and Team Squad, he is confronted by an enraged Invictus who sends several Titans to destroy him. However, Invictus's efforts prove fruitless with the Lord Commander breathlessly slaughtering his way through them before declaring that Invictus will be his next target.

Returning in the season finale, "The Devil's Den", the Lord Commander cheerfully enters Invictus' prison in an attempt to kill it, but not before disintegrating all the zombie Garys that were going through the portal he came from. However, he's confronted by the now-villainous Ash, who breaks his fingers as revenge for him doing the same previously. He then collapses onto the ground, almost crushing Gary, Avocato, Little Cato and HUE. By the time he recovers, Invictus successfully escapes its prison, and as revenge for his betrayal, locks its former right hand in the same prison that Bolo was trapped in to rot away for eternity. The Lord Commander is left screaming as his cube-shaped prison falls down into the darkness.

Other Media


Lord Commander is starkly different from his finalized version in the series proper. For instance, rather than being deeply serious, the pilot version of the alien tyrant is more comedic and was seemingly less powerful.

Powers and Abilities

The Lord Commander is able to use telekinesis most likely through the two orbs on his gloves. However, it is noted that every time he uses this power, it is slowly killing him.

However upon being resurrected by Invictus, the Lord Commander could now use his powers without the risk of death weighing him down. Upon merging with the Earth Titan in the third season, the Lord Commander could create blades from his hands and use them as weapons.


Season 1

  • "Chapter 1"
  • "Chapter 2"
  • "Chapter 3"
  • "Chapter 4"
  • "Chapter 5"
  • "Chapter 6"
  • "Chapter 7" (non-speaking cameo)
  • "Chapter 8"
  • "Chapter 9"
  • "Chapter 10"

Season 2

  • "The Toro Regatta"
  • "The Remembered"

Season 3

  • "The Hidden Light"
  • "The Ventrexian"
  • "One of Us"
  • "All The Moments Lost"
  • "Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising"
  • "Until the Sky Falls"
  • "The Dead Speak"
  • "The Devil's Den"


  • The Lord Commander invaded New York City to attempt hold and capture the Gary's team but was mutated during the bombs of both sides.

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