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That's the end of those weekend cowboys!
~ Lord Crumb

Lord Crumb is the chief antagonist of the science fiction gross-out splatter horror comedy film Bad Taste. He is the leader of a fast-food corporation run by aliens that came to Earth to chase human flesh as the meat product for their fast-food industry. He is one of the only aliens to be given a name, as not even the aliens were given a name for their race in the film.

He is voiced by the late Peter Vere-Jones.

Role in the movie

The aliens land in Kaihoro, New Zealand to begin their slaughter. It was extremely easy for the aliens to kill every single human being in the town and slaughter them so they can bring their flesh as food for other alien customers on their home planet.

The only humans who are aware of the aliens' presence are the Astro Investigation and Defense Service (AIDS). The entire movie's plot would involve the Astro Investigation and Defense Service members Derek, Frank, Ozzy, and Barry struggling to stop the aliens' industrial plans to explore and travel even more to search for more humans to kill.

The Astro Investigation and Defense Service towards the end of the film failed to kill Lord Crumb after they defeated his minions. The brave and strong humans were forced to leave Lord Crumb's spaceship, which was in disguise of a regular Earth house. Lord Crumb was talking to someone on the phone (another alien of his race) possibly about how or what he had experienced on Earth. However, Derek climbed on board of the aliens' spaceship and kiilled Lord Crumb with his chainsaw. Derek goes completely insane yelling, "I'm coming to get you bastards!" and puts on Lord Crumb's skin while he heads for the aliens' home planet.

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