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Lord Fuse is the main antagonist of Cartoon Network's first MMO, FusionFall.


Fuse is the leader of Planet Fusion and is the main enemy in the game. He is the one responsible for the destruction befalling the world and for creating the Fusions, the evil twins of the Cartoon Network heroes. Fuse has an "avatar" that can be defeated, we will learn that Fuse and his home planet are one and the same. Over the millenia, Fuse has mastered many different forms of science, magic and technology as a result of his world-conquering.

Before Fuse came to Earth to attack, he once invaded the planet Anur Phaetos, the home planet of the Ectonurites, the same race as Ben's alien form Ghostfreak. They reached an

agreement and their planet was spared. Only Vilgax seems to know anything about this agreement, as it is from him that the player learns it from.

The Fuse that resides deep within Fuse's Lair is an incomplete manifestation of him, thus his continued presence as a threat after defeating him. Fuse's castle is split into three sections marked by Fusion Lairs: Fuse's Hall, Fuse's Labyrinth, and Fuse's Throne. Fuse's avatar resides in the latter.

Fuse's avatar is fought in several stages. The player begins by fighting his main body, which has the stun ability. Once that is defeated, his right arm detaches with the ability to stun and his body gains the ability to heal. Once Fuse's body is defeated again, the left arm detaches with the healing power and his body gains the damage power. The player achieves victory after defeating the body a third time.

Fuse's body changes type each time it is defeated. His attacks consist of a simple melee attack, a more powerful corruption attack, and an eruption attack which instantly knocks out anyone on his platform.

It has been said by Samurai Jack that Fuse's powers pale in comparison to Aku's.


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