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As the sky became engulfed in smoke, I collapsed and wept, my rotors humming. "I failed my people.", I whispered to Mekhane.
~ An excerpt from "A Memoir of the Years of Broken Metal".

Lord Goran is a demonic entity in the SCP mythos who at one point lead the brutes of the Scarlet King's army. Lord Goran was once known for his brutal, relentless assaults on lesser enemies of his superior.



Lord Goran was not always called a lord until he joined the Scarlet King during his rise to power. It is not known what Goran was doing before the King, but speculation has determined that he likely roamed the bottom of the Great Abyss. The reason why he would have been inside the Great Abyss is unknown.

Under the Scarlet king

Under the Scarlet King's control, Lord Goran was involved in the conquering of 48 different realms. He became a favorite of the Scarlet King, and was considered to posses authority over all of his forces. This favoritism would often lead to disputes among other similar beings, especially of those who differed in tactics from Goran.

Archons of Yaldabaoth

At an unknown time, Lord Goran attempted to conquer a universe already subjugated by an Archon of Yaldabaoth. This enraged the Archon, who then battled and defeated Lord Goran within an hour. The Archon brought Goran by his horns to the Scarlet King, and demanded to know why he attempted to violate the Treaty of Thorns and Flesh (a pact that stated that universes conquered or targeted by Yaldabaoth or the Scarlet King are off-limits to each other).

The Scarlet King apologized and explained Goran acted alone and that he would be punished for his actions. To make amends, he punished Lord Goran by banishing him to an unknown plane of existence, imprisoning him for an indefinite time until needed.


Lord Goran is stated to be massive, though no exact measurements have ever been given. Around his body he is covered in smoke and flames, which obscure most of his body. He has four red eyes and his skin is black and leathery. In his hand he would carry either a club or a long sword, which one he used is unknown.


Goran is near-mindless in his goal of destruction, though he maintains a moderate level of sapience. It is said that he has never spoken and that he always complied with the Scarlet King's wishes.

Powers and Abilities

Goran is ruthless and nearly invincible. Most entities and weapons barely hurt him in combat. One or two blows from Goran is enough to kill most beings.


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