Lord Harun is a villain from Romancing SaGa, acting as main antagonist in the Water Dragon Rite quest. He was renamed Tuman in the PS2 remake of the game.

Harun is the current Viceroy of Tarmitta, which was the former capital of Kjaraht. Seeking to return power to Tarmitta, he intends to depose of Lord Ahmad/Wuhan, ruler of Estamir, the current capital of Kjaraht, by any means necessary, so he ordered his men to kidnap Ahmad's daughter, intending to use her as a sacrifice to the Water Dragon Strom, who resides at Lake Malar, so that the dragon can grant him the power to fulfill his ambitions.

The player will receive a request from Ahmad himself to rescue his daughter, invading Harun's palace to find him. Once there, the heroes confront a body double of Harun, as the real one was already on his way to Lake Malar. Upon arriving at the center of the Water Dragon's palace, they find Harun and his men starting the sacrificial ceremony, as the player is given an option to watch the rite or to stop it. If choosing to prevent the sacrifice, Harun will send his men to confront the heroes, and after they are defeated offer double the money of what Ahmad promised to not interfere. If the player refuse his offer then Harun is fought as a boss, dying after the fight.


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