Lord Hebi

Lord Hebi is major villain in the Usagi Yojimbo series and was a villain in the 2003 ninja turtles series. He serves as the right-hand man of Lord Hikiji and one of Usagi's archenemies.


Lord Hebi is a severnt of Lord Hikiji and acts as his right-hand man.

Lord Hikiji lets Hebi act as his representative and is also one of Usagi's most deadlist enimies he is a large snake general and damyo and despite not having legs or arms is actually an awesome fighter using his size and teeth to his advantage.

In the TMNT 2003 series he appeared twice first in episode where called in the assationation of the young Lord Noriyuki using Tomoe Ame is bait to lure Usagi and his allies to kill them all but Leonardo foliled his plans.After this Hebi escaped with his life and vowed revenge.

In his second appearance he hired Kojima to take revenge on Usagi and Leonardo.

Hebi has undying loyalty to his master but in one alternative story after Hikiji sides with aliens Hebi kills him for his treachery. Meaning he has some standards and serves as hikiji's voice.


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