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Hendrickson is a Holy Knight and a character in Seven Deadly Sins. He appears as the main antagonist of the first season and a supporting character in the second season.


When Hendrickson was young, he grew up in a village of Druids and was given the position to look after corpses until they turn into skeletons. Hendrickson was afraid of this job and hated it, making him run away from the village he lived in. Sometime afterward, he joined the Holy Knights of Liones and befriended another Holy Knight named Dreyfus. The two knights question their king's vision of the Holy War and the purpose of the Holy Knights. One day, while investigating the remains of the kingdom of Danafor, Dreyfus told Hendrickson about his dream of becoming a powerful knight who protects people and being a figure to his son. Suddenly, the two are encountered by the demon Fraudrin who asks Dreyfus if he could borrow his body to kill Zaratras as he promised to fulfill his wish on becoming a powerful knight.

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