Lord Hikiji

Lord Hikiji is the main antagonist of the Usagi Yojimbo comic book series.


Not much is known about Hikiji, but it is known that he rules the Mutsu Province and is responsible for Usagi's scar and deaths of those close to him. He took over Mifune's lands in the Battle of Adachigahara, and before that, he killed Usagi's father for defying him. The Neko and Komori clans serve him.

Hikji rarely appears in person, and often operates behind the scenes. It is later revealed that unlike the other anitromoprhic characters in the series Hikiji is the only human for some reason.

He also appears in the mini series Senso series where he collaborated with the aliens invading the world and his right-hand man is Lord Hebi who acts as his emmisary who appears as his messenger and enforcer. 

Lord Hikiji also is mentioned in the 2012 Teenage mutant ninja turtles where Usagi is explaining his history to the turtles who appear in his world.


  • Lord Hikiji is the main villain of the series but his role as archenemy is later supplemented by Jei.
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