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I am greatly disappointed you wished the gasoline out of the wasteland, you've got pump the gasoline.
~ Lord Hummungus to the people of the wasteland.

Lord Humungus is a gang lord in a world still largely ruled by gangs and the main antagonist of the 1981 film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

He was portrayed by Kjell Nilsson.


According to an interview with one of the writers of Road Warrior, Hummungus was once a miltary solider who had his face burned to an ugly crisp and had a wife/girlfriend murdered which goes with his statement to Wez "I understand your pain, we've all lost someone we loved".

After hearing of an oil refinary, Humungus and his gang sought to take all its gasoline to fuel their army of vehicles. Humungus attempted to convince its inhabitants to surrender peacefully, stating that no harm will come to them if they turned the oil over.

Two of the compound's inhabitants attempt to escape and though they fail, attract the attention of Max Rockatansky while doing so. Max then takes it upon himself to help the inhabitants of the refinery escape with their tanker of gas.

During the final chase, Humungus kills Papagallo with his spear before shooting at the tanker. He is temporarily put out of commission by the Gyropilot, but soon recovers and activates a nitrous booster to catch up to to Max. However, Max reversed the direction of tanker so that, when Humungus rams into Max, the collision kills both Humungus and Wez. Though they are caught in the crash, Max and Feral Kid survive.


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