It is very unwise to go against me.
~ Lord Klaus

Lord Klaus Pachelbel is the main villain from Xexex.


The ruler of Planet Pachel Bell, Lord Klaus seeks to rule the entire universe. He started conquering all planets, eventually taking over planet E-Square and kidnapping Princess Elaine of E-Square. Elaine sent a telepathic message to Earth, asking for help.

At that time, Earth had advanced enough to make interplanetary travel possible. At the same time Elaine's message is received, Earthlings also discover a mysterious energy object called Flint, which came from space. Scientists analyze the Flint and create the Flintlock spaceship, which is then sent to rescue Elaine.

The Flintlock fights through Klaus's forces, while Klaus tortures Elaine to know about this ship destroying his forces. He attempts to send more forces after the Flintlock, but as they fail he decides to fight it personally when the Flintlock arrives at his planet. He is ultimately defeated, dying on his ship's explosion.


Klaus is shown to have a very flamboyant personality, as well as being a cruel sadist, who continually tortures Elaine during her captivity. He has a strange alien pet, which appears with him in some of the game's cutscenes.

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