I shall have one purpose, and one purpose only... Vengeance! Snow White and her hansome prince shall pay for what has happened to my sister!
~ Lord Maliss

Lord Maliss (also simply known as Maliss) is the main villain in the 1988 animated fantasy film Happily Ever After. After arriving at his sister's castle, he learns about her fate. Enraged, he vows revenge against Snow White and her Prince. He also has the power to turn himself into a red dragon.

He was voiced by Malcolm McDowell, who also played Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange, Caligula in Caligula, Kesslee in Tank Girl, Tolian Soran in Star Trek: Generations, Daniel Linderman in Heroes, The Shaman in the Aladdin TV series, Arkady Duvall in Batman: The Animated Series, Andrej Evilenko in Evilenko, Colonel F. E. Cochrane in Blue Thunder, Arnold Gundars in I Spy, Marcus Kane in Doomsday, Tower in Phineas and Ferb, and Geoffrey Tolwyn in the Wing Commander video game series.


After arriving at the Evil Queen's castle, Lord Maliss learned the news of his sister's recent death, later then takes control of the Queen's castle and her demonic minions, twists the land into the scary place known as the Realm of Doom before he left and began hunting down Snow White.

After transforming Prince into a tiny and feeble hooded man, Lord Maliss resumes in hunting Snow White, who has fled to the Seven Dwarves' cottage to find their female cousins, the Seven Dwarfelles, who have taken up residence and attempt to help Snow White find her prince who turns out to be the "Shadow Man".

After a failed attempt by Maliss' wolves to capture Snow White, he does the job himself and takes Snow White to his castle newly dubbed "Palace of Malice" where Snow White wakes up to the presence of the Prince who then takes her through a secret passage.

Snow White is taken to a secret graveyard at the castle, where the "Prince" reveals himself to be Maliss in disguise.

As he is about to place a cape that will petrify her, Maliss is attacked by the Shadow Man, whom he defeats and seemingly killed. Then, he again tries to petrify Snow White, only to be stopped and attacked by the Dwarfelles. However, they fail to do so, and Maliss throws the petrifying cloak on all of them except Thunderella, who gains control of her powers and subdues him while Snow White grabs the cloak and throws it on him. From here, Maliss is forcibly transformed into a larger version of his dragon form (except for his head) and completely turned to stone for eternity.


What's going on here?!
~ Lord Maliss upon entering the castle.
Looking Glass upon the wall, at my command you will show me all!
~ Lord Maliss to his sister's Looking Glass/Magic Mirror.
~ Lord Maliss
Is that so? If you don't tell me what happened to my sister, I'll beak you into a thousand pieces!
~ Lord Maliss threatening the Looking Glass/Magic Mirror.
No! It can't be! How did this happened!
~ Lord Maliss demanding answers about his evil sister's deathly demise.
You and every wretched creature like you will do my bidding!
~ Lord Maliss



  • The name "Maliss" is a parody on the word "malice".
  • Maliss' dragon form bears a striking resemblance to Garble from the animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • He is the second villain to transform into a wyvern, after Pendragon from Jack the Giant Killer, then was succeeded by Sir Rothbart from The Swan Princess being the third, and the Golden Man/Dragon from Beowulf being the fourth.
  • He also shares similarities to Sir Rothbart from The Swan Princess; they're both wizards who can transform themselves into wyverns, have former henchmen who reform; (Maliss; Scowl the Owl & Batso the Bat, Rothbart; Bridget),  both are believed to be living in European nations during the Middle Ages (Maliss lives in Germany while Rothbart possibly lives in England), try to kill the protagonists (Rothbart; Derek and Odette, Maliss; Snow White ) and die near the end (Rothbart got killed by Derek and Maliss got petrified). 
  • His Wyvern Form would be the model for the Dragon in Beowulf, both have a slender appearance as human, which also for their forms, both don't talk in those forms. 


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