~ Lord Moldybutt

Lord Moldybutt is the archenemy of Nigel Planter from The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy.


He is an obvious parody of Lord Voldemort and shares his ambitions to ruin the magic world and harm Nigel Planter (a parody of Harry Potter) but is far less intimidating than the actual Voldemort and used primarily as a comic relief villain.

Lord Moldybutt plays heavily on the "He Who Must Not Be Named" element of the original Voldemort but unlike his book counterpart Moldybutt's name is shown to actually have a curse of sorts, causing actual misfortune unlike Voldemort's name (which simply provoked fear due to his reputation).


Moldybutt was a feared wizard who killed Planter's parents. Once Moldybutt sees Nigel Planter, he explains that Planter is supposed to be the heir to a peanut farm company.


"Stay away from the Chamber Pot of Secrets!"
"You think I'm not real? Soon, you will see the true power of Lord Moldybutt!"


  • If anybody mentions his name, things breaks.
  • He is a parody of Lord Voldemort from the [Harry Potter universe.
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