Lord Nestor is the secondary antagonist of the 2007 film The Last Legion. He is a warlord who starts off as a friend of Aurelius, but later receives an offer from the barbarian King Vortgyn to kill Romulus. He is also the greedy senator of Rome. 


He is seen being friendly towards his commander and former henchmen Aurelius, telling him he will be a friend forever, and that he must protect the kingdom and Romulus. However, he secretly helped King Vortgyn and the barbarians take over Rome. He later suggested Aurelius to give him Romulus so he can execute him, however, when Aurelius refuses, he tries to kill Romulus and his protectors by himself, and runs away, leaving Aurelius as his "friend" behind to die. His army was killed by the protagonists, and he got stabbed by Aurelius, who declared their "friendship" is finished.


At first, he was kind and gentle, yet greedy as he teamed up with the barbarians. He later became completely ruthless and evil, proud of his actions, but then paid the price.


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