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The age of stone is over, Dino! Long live the age of bronze!
~ Lord Nooth's most famous quote.
A caveman?!
~ Lord Nooth meeting Dug.
Of course I'm not all right, you idiot! I've just by massaged by a pig!
~ Lord Nooth disgusted to have been relaxed by Hognob.

Lord Nooth is the main antagonist of Aardman Animations' seventh animated feature film Early Man. He is the tyrannical leader of the Bronze Revolution and is Dug's archenemy.

He was voiced by Tom Hiddleston, who also played Loki Laufeyson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Captain James Hook in Disney's The Pirate Fairy. In the Spanish dubbed version, he was voiced by Mario Vaquerizo, who also voiced King Poseidon in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on The Run.


Nooth is completely bald and his nose sticks out. His clothing is a purple robe with a bronze football sash in the middle, a maroon cape, and boots. If one was to look real close, Nooth is shown to have a gold tooth.


Despite being the leader of the Bronze Age, Lord Nooth is a buffoonish person to put it bluntly. He is territorial, greedy and possessive, and invaded the Stone Age Valley without a second thought. Beneath all this, he is secretly a weakling, as when the Queen arrives to berate him for playing a football game with the Stone Age people, he panics.

Nooth is also willing to do anything for money such as striking a deal with Dug because he was told the masses would flock to see a vulgar match between the cavemen and Real Bronzio. He is also shown to have poor sportmanship since he is above playing dirty, like trying to frighten Dug into forfeiting the game and even going as far as to knock out Dino into being the referee of the game and giving Real Bronzio an unfair advantage.


Lord Nooth is first seen when he invades the Stone Age Valley, proclaiming that "the age of stone is over". Banishing the tribe (except Dug) to the Badlands, he is unaware that Dug has accidentally snuck onto a truck and made it to the Bronze Age City. When Dug invades a football game and challenges his team to a match for the safety of his valley (despite not knowing what football is), Nooth accepts, realizing that it could be a good moneymaking opportunity.

After being visited by a "message bird" sent by Queen Oofeefa, he tries another tactic: he had discovered some mysterious cave paintings showing that Dug's tribe in the past were actually proper rubbish at football, and despite inventing it, had never won a game. Nooth attempts to discourage Dug, but the caveman and his tribesmen go on with the game.

In the climax of the movie, the big game, Nooth gets incredibly antsy when the Tribe are looking to be winning. To counter this, he knocks the referee out, takes his place, and makes up a ton of bogus rules, allowing his team to violently attack the tribe. He pushes the game in his complete favour, but not until the tribe manage to score a winning goal in the closing minutes of the game and win 4-3. In a final bid, Nooth tries to steal money and escape in a rat mascot costume, but is caught by the giant Duck and is taking of the bronze back to the audience before he is knocked out by a bronze plate,

Nooth is last seen working in a mine, meaning that he was removed from his position permanently, arrested and was forced to mine ore.


~ Lord Nooth's first words when he finds the ore.
Alright, secure the valley. Start mining ore.
~ Nooth ordering his men to mine the ore.
Oh, let them rot in the badlands. They are the low-achievers of history with their puny flints and their drafty caves. (Dug: You've picked the wrong tribe to mess with.) Oh, I am so scared! You are waving your stones about! The age of stone is over, Dino. Long live the age of bronze.
~ Nooth shrugs off the cave people.
Who challenges the champions? (Referee Dino leader: We challenge the champions!) (Jurgend: We accept the challenge!) The House has come! Let the scared game comance!
~ Nooth starting the game.
In the name of Queen Oofeefa, we give thanks for the beautiful game. Oggy! Oggy! Oggy!
~ Nooth giving a special thanks to Queen Oofeefa.
How dare you set foot on our hallowed grounds? (Dugs: You took our grounds. Our home.) (Scoffs) That? Listen, you Stone Age brute. You have no home. Your kind are finished on this Earth.
~ Nooth speaking to Dug.
A match between the Bronze and the brutes? What an idea! (Real Bronzio: Sacrilege, O Premier Leader!) Yes. Quite. (Real Bronzio: The masses would flock to see such a vulgar spectacle.) Really? For the valley you say?
~ Nooth liking the idea of a football game.
Silly old bat. How dare she speaks to me like that?
~ Lord Nooth insulting the Queen.
I didn’t know!
~ Nooth trying reason with the Queen.
But no matter how many times they played, your kind kept losing.
~ Nooth trying discourage Dug when his kind, the ones who invented soccer, kept losing.
Oh, not that stupid old bird again. Tell chef to boil it up in a cassoulet.
~ Nooth mistaking the queen for the message bird.
So long suckers!
~ Nooth making off with the bronze.
No! My Goldscmicles!
~ Lord Nooth's final words before being dropped down on the ground and getting knocked out by a golden plate.





  • Nooth is the only Aardman main antagonist who is really bossed around by someone of higher order.
  • Lord Nooth is the only human Aardman antagonist, who speaks with the French Accent, While Mr. Hugh from Stage Fright, Mr. Tweedy and Mrs. Tweedy from Chicken Run, and Piella Bakewell from Wallace and Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf and Death, who speaks with the Northern English Accent. While Victor Quartermaine from Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Alexandrina Victoria Hannover from The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists!, who speaks with Received Pronunciation, Anthony Trumper from Shaun The Sheep: Movie and Agent Red from A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, who speaks with grunts.
  • Lord Nooth is the second human full-length Aardman Animated Movie antagonist, who will be using profanity after Mr Tweedy from Chicken Run, while Mrs. Tweedy from Chicken Run, Victor Quartermaine from Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Alexandrina Victoria Hannover from The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!, who were using clean language.
  • Lord Nooth is the sixth human Aardman antagonist to be male, after Mr. Hugh from Stage Fright, Angry Kid from Angry Kid, Mr. Tweedy from Chicken Run, Victor Quartermaine from Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Trumper from Shaun the Sheep: The Movie.


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