Lord Nor is an evil lord on New Krypton, who's determined to gain control of the planetoid by marrying Zara. He will succeed if Lord Kal-El does not take his place as Zara's husband.

He temporarily took control of Smallville on Earth, enslaving the populace and renaming the town as New New Krypton. (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Episode 322: Big Girls Don't Fly, Episode 401: Lord of the Flys). Lord Nor try to take over Earth when he found out about the Yellow Sun. He is very invincible and most powerful man in the world. Every military can't take him down and nor his henchmen. All the military backed down against him. He has Jen Mai, Drull and Ran on his side to take over Earth. But Superman and his Kryptonians went back to earth and take down Lord Nor. Nor sent in assassin named Tazz take down Superman, but he failed. He had in for Superman, since he was born and talked about their noble son and his father Jor-El. For a two hour episode from season 4 episode 1-2, Superman is been battling against Lord Nor's Men. They had an ultimate challenge against Superman. Him against Superman, Superman won but Nor attempted to cheat with his crew. Superman, Lois and the rest of team Superman tried to find Kryptonite that was stolen in Star Labs. Kryptonite is the only way take down Nor and his crew. Superman was about to be terminated, until Colonel Ambrose Cash was corrupt military leader use Superman as bait to take him and Lord Nor crew out. The Kryptonite took out Lord Nor, Non, Ran and Jen Mai out and Superman survived by taking all the kryptonite fumes from him. They took a bullet for Superman and the war against Nor was over. Superman return to earth with Lois his true love and Zara and Superman marriage annulled and she can marry Lieutenant Ching in new Krypton.


Lord Nor is similar to General Zod, Superman other enemy from Krypton in Smallville and Superman 2. Jax-ur and Mala are the Kryptonian enemies in Superman: The Animated Series.

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