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Lord Norinaga

Lord Norinaga

Lord Norinaga is a secondary antagonist to anti-hero of the live-action film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. He is Japanese daimyo in the early seventeenth century. He is at war with the rebellion led by Mitsu. He established a trade partnership with the English gun merchant Walker. He is the father of Kenshin, whom he is disappointed with his disloyalty.

Norinaga was eventually defeated in battle after a sword fight with Leonardo, ending with Norinaga's defeat with the ceremonial bell falling, trapping him inside. One of Dirk Walker's cannon was shot making the bell to shatter and causing Norinaga humiliation amongst his own people. After his son Kenshin returned from the time and Walker and his men are defeated, he will honor a truce with Mitsu and the rebellion.  


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