Lord Pumpkin

Lord Pumpkin is a mystical creature and a major villain in the Ultraverse series, originally published under Malibu comics but later bought by Marvel (who, sadly, did not continue the line for long afterwards): however Lord Pumpkin has appeared in regular Marvel canon, such as Ghost Rider, Man-Thing and Conan (though Conan is not owned by Marvel)

Lord Pumpkin originated in one of the many realms existing within the Godwheel, a cosmic artifact of tremendous size.

He was created by a wizard to be the playmate of a spoiled-brat prince from a medieval kingdom. However, the prince (who liked to torture animals, among other disturbing things) found great pleasure in tormenting his new "toy," frequently burning him or chopping him up with an axe. The creature finally rebelled, slew the prince, and overthrew the kingdom.

Now hungry for new worlds to conquer, the being, now calling himself Lord Pumpkin, set his sights on the Ultraverse's Earth.

He felt that the great number of superhumans, or "Ultras", would prove to be an entertaining challenge.

Powers and Abilities

Lord Pumpkin UF

Lord Pumpkin in the Ultraverse animated series.

Lord Pumpkin is a magical being, usually embodied in a scarecrow-like body of straw and twigs, with a pumpkin carved like a jack-o-lantern for a head. Inside his head is a candle, whose ever-lit flame is often mistaken to be his life-force. He can use it to breathe a blast of fire from his mouth. Lord Pumpkin is an extremely skilled sorcerer, and is also nearly immortal; even if his body is totally destroyed, seeds from his pumpkin head are capable of growing a new body for him, sometimes by taking over and transforming the body of another living being if a seed has been ingested. He is not subject to pain or disease and needs no air, food or water.


His only weakness is the fragile materials his body is composed of: dry, flammable straw, and a ripe pumpkin. However, due to his strong magical abilities, attacks rarely get close enough to harm him. He can still be taken by surprise, however.


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