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Lord Scaryman is the main antagonist in the Veggietales film Veggietales: Lord of the Beans. He parodies Saruman from The Lord of the Rings.

He was voiced by Phil Vischer.


Lord Scaryman is the forger of the One Bean, which has the power to create anything. Billboy Baggypants has the One Bean and gave it to his nephew, Toto Baggypants. Toto and his Fellowship of the Bean journeyed across the Center Earth to use the right purpose of the bean. In the ruined Land of wow, Toto is about to use the purpose of the bean, Lord Scaryman took it, but he got pushed by Billboy. Toto placed the bean in the well of the ruined Land of Wow and the place became fertile.


Lord Scaryman is portrayed as Scallion #1, who is the tallest and the leader of the three scallions. He also appeared to resemble Saruman from Lord of the Rings, because this is a parody of that film. Lord Scaryman has a white beard, long white hair and a white robe and this is similar Saruman's appearance.


Lord Scaryman really wants power and his goal is to get the powerful bean from Toto. He also called his minions, the Sporks to attack. The bean, Scaryman is finding the bean that can create anything he wants and this is not the correct use of the bean, because it is meant to be used wisely.


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