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Villain Overview

Greetings, panda! At last we meet! [He falters.] Oh, no no no no no... [acrobatically flips about before pointing his lance in another direction.] We meet at last! Yes! That's it! Greetings, panda! We meet at la- [He stops short when he ends up pointing his lance at the Soothsayer, who has appeared out of nowhere.] (Soothsayer: You are afraid for a reason.) I'm not afraid. He's coming to me in chains! If anyone should be afraid, it's... (Soothsayer: You.) [looks at her trying to munch his robes.. then quickly yanks them out of her reach.] Don't even think about it.
~ Lord Shen's planned greeting for Po.
Happiness... must be taken. And I will take mine.
~ Lord Shen's famous quote talking to the Soothsayer as she leaves
Such sad, sad faces. But now is a time only for joy. You are going to be part of something beautiful. Once we reach the harbor, in front of all the world, you and your precious kung fu will die. (chortles) Then China will know to bow before me. Set sail!
~ Lord Shen's second famous quote to the captured Furious Five.

Lord Shen is the main antagonist of the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

He serves as one of the two unseen overarching antagonists (alongside with Ke-Pa) of the original Kung Fu Panda film, one of the three unseen overarching antagonists (alongside Tai Lung and Ke-Pa) of the short Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll, the main antagonist of its 2011 sequel Kung Fu Panda 2, the posthumous overarching antagonist of its 2016 sequel Kung Fu Panda 3 and a posthumous antagonist in the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode Enter the Dragon.

He is a sadistic and devious peacock prince who wanted to take over China and destroy Kung Fu with his cannons. He is the Soothsayer's former master and the Wolves' leader. He is also Po's arch-nemesis.

He was voiced by Gary Oldman, who also played Ruber in Quest for Camelot, Dreyfus in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Mason Verger in Hannibal, Norman Stansfield in Léon: The Professional, General Grawl in Planet 51, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element, Vladislav Dukhovich in The Hitman's Bodyguard, Carnegie in The Book of Eli, Daniel Clarke in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Egor Korshunov in Air Force One, Dr. Zachary Smith in Lost In Space, Drexl Spivey in True Romance, and Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula.


Shen wears a long white robe held with a black-colored belt. According to him, the robe is made from "the finest silk in the province". Sewn along the edges of the robe is silver silk patterned with flame-like designs, and it has a flying bird, possibly a peacock, placed on the back. He also wears metal talons that served to protect his feet, light his cannons, and act as formidable weapons.


Lord Shen is a wicked and callous peacock who wants to eliminate every panda in China. He has no problem in slaughtering anyone who opposes him, going as far as to slaughter Boss Wolf for disobeying his orders. However, he doesn’t murder the Soothsayer despite her clearly opposing him, which shows that he’s capable of caring for others.

He is also chicken-hearted and fearful since when he overhears his true fate, he has all the pandas wiped out so no one can face him, and other examples of chicken-hearted, when he refuses to warn the people crossing the bridge to move away and just has the bridge fired at and when he slaughters Master Thundering Rhino while he was easily defeated, with another example of being fearful is when Shen asks the Soothsayer what his fate is. Shen is also incredibly brilliant, able to use fireworks, something meant for color and joy as a weapon in form of a cannon and when he decided to wipe all pandas out completely, which out of sheer luck only some survived, and using his foes weaknesses completely to his advantage.

Lord Shen is also passive and neurotic, as shown when he fears getting defeated by a panda and believing that his parents hated him when they really loved him actually. What’s more, he knows what he is doing is wrong, but he continues with his plans of conquest because he knows if he stops, all the demises he caused will amount to nothing. At the end of the film, Lord Shen's own battle-cannon collapses on top of him. Instead of running, he closes his eyes and accepts his death, knowing he has failed and preventing any persecution for his crimes.

Other Media

Kung Fu Panda 2: The Videogame

in Kung Fu Panda 2: The Videogame, Lord Shen has no physical appearance, but is a posthumous and mentioned character. A few moments after Shen was defeated by Po and his fleet failed to pass the limits of the of Gongmen City, the citizens celebrated the Dragon Warrior's victory by bringing down his empire, also destroying scrolls with his emblem. The throne without any ruler, some komodo dragons, led by Zhou Dan, plan to take over the city taking advantage of the death of Lord Shen.

Lord shen in showdown of legendary legends.png

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends

In Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, Lord Shen appears as a playable character.

Kung Fu Rumble

In Kung Fu Rumble, Lord Shen appears as an enemy to be defeated inside his palace as a combat stage.


  • An entire Panda village
  • Po's Mother
  • His parents (indirectly)
  • Thundering Rhino
  • Boss Wolf
  • His wolf army


Get them all!!!
~ Shen ordering his wolves to kill every panda there is.
My father's throne... he used to let me play here beside him, promising someday that this throne would be mine... [The throne is tossed out of a window seconds later. The cannon is moved in it's place.] A little to the left. (GORILLA: Uh, but it's so heavy, master!) For thirty years I've waited for this moment. Everything must be exactly how I envisioned it... and I envisioned it a little to the left. Perfect. With the weapon by my side... ah, a little bit more. [The gorillas adjust the cannon.] With the weapon by my side... all of China will bow before me. We move out in three days, when the moon is full, and the tide is high.
~ Shen taking complete control of Gongmen City and announcing when he will start his invasion.
Now you old goat, why don't you tell me my- (Soothsayer: Fortune?) F-future. I was going to say future. Look into your bowl, and tell me what glory awaits. [Soothsayer looks into a small bowl.] (Soothsayer: If you continue on your current path...) [Her eyes roll upwards. Shen slowly walks down the small steps in the middle of the room, intrigued.] ( will find yourself... at the bottom of the stairs.) [Shen stops on the bottom of the steps. He exclaims in annoyance before approaching the Soothsayer, who again looks into her bowl.] (Soothsayer: I see... I see... I see pain... [She plucks a feather from Shen's wing.] Ow! (Soothsayer: And anger...) [She takes a bite out of Shen's robe.] How dare you! That is the finest silk in the province! (Soothsayer: Followed by denial...) This is not fortune telling! You're just saying what's happening right- (Soothsayer: Now?) [Shen sighs in exasperation. Soothsayer puts the feather and piece of silk into the bowl.] The most important time is now. But if you really want to see the future...) [Glowing blue-white smoke suddenly erupts from the bowl. Shen watches in awe as the smoke rises into the air.] Oh, what do you see? [The smoke forms into a peacock.] (Soothsayer: A peacock...) [The peacock is consumed by a fiery yin yang symbol. The gorillas back away in fear.] (Soothsayer:...Is defeated by a warrior of black and white. Nothing has changed.) [A shocked and furious Shen shatters the bowl with a throwing knife and fans away the apparition with his tail. Soothsayer looks up as Shen chuckles.] That's impossible.. and you know it! (Soothsayer: It is not impossible... and he knows it.)
~ Shen realizing his fate has not changed
Find this panda, and him bring to me!
~ Shen ordering Boss Wolf to find Po and capture him
So one panda still lives... that does not make you right. (Soothsayer: You're right... being right makes me right.) Then I will kill him... and make you wrong!
~ Shen still denying his fate
Greetings, panda! We meet at-(Po: Hey, how ya doing?) [Shen is caught off guard] Hey.
~ Shen meeting Po for the first time
You really think that this is the warrior destined to defeat me?
~ Shen mocking Po and the Soothsayer
ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!!!! Bring the prisoners to me.
~ Shen ordering his men to be placed right in front of the cannon.
The very thing you clearly do not know.
~ Shen further taunting Po on how he doesn't know of the panda genocide
The only reason you're still alive is that I find your stupidity... mildly amusing.
~ Shen pointing his dagger at Po
Take aim. [Boss Wolf aims the cannon at the enemies while Shen laughs, until he realized nothing has happened] Well?! Light the... thing! (Boss Wolf: I did!) [Boss Wolf continuously lights the cannon, which gets diffused, to his confusion, until Mantis reveals himself.] (Mantis: FEAR THE BUG!!!) [Shen looks at Po's cage, which actually had an action figure of Mantis]
~ Lord Shen ordering the deaths of his enemies, before scolding the Boss Wolf for not lighting the thing, even though he did, which was diffused by Mantis
Yes. Yes I was.
~ Shen acknowledging he was there in the day Po last saw his parents
~ Shen taking joy at the Palace's destruction
Where are they going???!!!
~ Shen surprised Po and the Furious Five are escaping
Call in the wolves, all of them! I want them ready to move! The Year of the Peacock begins now!
~ Shen ordering Boss Wolf to get the men ready
Get the wolves ready... we're loading the ships now...[Raises voice] NOW! Now, now, now, now!
~ Shen intimidating Boss Wolf to follow his orders after making a wisecrack against his
You were wrong, Soothsayer! We sail to victory tonight... your magic panda is clearly a fool! (Soothsayer: Are you certain it is the panda who is the fool? You just destroyed your ancestral home, Shen!) A trivial sacrifice... [He sticks the lance's tip into a nearby fire. When it is glowing hot, he stabs it into the map of China, sending the entire sheet up in flames.] when all of China is my reward! (Soothsayer: Then will you finally be satisfied? Will the subjugation of the whole world finally make you feel better!) Hmmm, it's a start. I might also convert the basement into a dungeon.
~ Soothsayer scolding Shen for continuing with his evil plans to which Shen snarkily replies back
(Soothsayer: The cup you choose to fill has no bottom. It is time to stop this madness.) And why on earth would I do that? (Soothsayer: So your parents can rest in peace.) My parents... hated me. Do you understand? They wronged me. I... will make it right. (Soothsayer: They loved you! They loved you so much, that having to send you away killed them.) The dead exist in the past, and I must tend to the future.
~ Lord Shen expressing how he thinks his parents never loved him
Move, you dogs! Faster, faster! Load them all!
~ Shen to his men in speeding up productions of his cannons
Greetings Panda. (Po: Tell me what happened that night.) What night? (Po: That night.) Aahh, that night. (Po: Yes. We're talking about the same night, right?) Yes, I was there. Yes, I watched your parents abandoned you. It's a terrible thing. I believe it went something like this!!!!
~ Shen meeting Po before trying to kill him in the fireworks factory
Are you willing to die to find out the truth?
~ Shen taunting Po who is dangling from a pot filled with molten metal
Nothing stands in my way.
~ Lord Shen commanding the destruction of a bridge full of people blocking his boats' path
Fire. Fire! F-Fire at them! (Boss Wolf: But sire, we'll kill or own.) I said fire at them! FIRE!
~ Lord Shen's breakdown
As you wish. Let's finish this.
~ Lord Shen preparing to kill Po.
Kill him. Somebody, kill him.
~ Lord Shen commanding his wolves to kill Po.
WHAT???!!! NO!!!! [glares at Po, to which Po gestures to him, saying he is next, angering him] Keep firing!!!! KEEP FIRING!!!!
~ Shen ordering the gorilla in his both to fire at Po before the latter sent one of his projectiles towards him.
Your right.. Then I choose this!
~ Lord Shen’s last words before his impending death.


  • His tail consists of 92 feathers.
  • Lord Shen was originally cast as a devious mayor for the first Kung Fu Panda movie.
  • In the Mad episodes "Kung Fu Blander" (in which his new army were the Angry Birds) and "Destroy Bob the Builder Destroyer", Shen was defeated by Master Po, and then by Black and White Spies, who were ironically the black and white warriors from the prophecy.
  • Shen is the only major villain in the Kung Fu Panda films who has not personally met Shifu or Oogway.
  • Shen is also the only major villain in the Kung Fu Panda films who is not sent or banished into the spirit realm.
  • Lord Shen represents what Po could have been if he kept on to old grudges and refused to move on from the past.
  • Shen being born white is intentionally symbolic for his character as a villain, as white symbolizes death in Chinese culture.
  • Shen's fighting style shares similarities with Chinese martial arts form, "Cai Li Fo", in which a metal fan is used as defense or as a distraction for enemies, represented by Shen's tail feathers.
  • Since the release of Kung Fu Panda 2, Shen became one of the most popular DreamWorks villains, topping many lists on "Best DreamWorks Villains".
  • Whenever Po sees Shen's "eyespots" on his tail feather's, he gets traumatic experiences and dazes him, to which Shen gets the upper hand. Also, in the wild, Peacocks uses the "eyespots" in their tail feathers to protect them from predators as a psychological defense.
  • Despite Shen's beliefs that his parents never loved him, he failed to realize that his parents' act of banishing him was an act of mercy, which, aside from the fact that they both died of grief from losing their son, showed that they truly did care for him, as opposed to having him incarcerated or executed for his crimes against the pandas.
  • Some fans have speculated that Shen actually committed suicide and wasn't trying to make one final attempt to kill Po by letting the cannon crush him or die in the explosion, which Po happened to be in the way of, with the reason is all the deaths he has caused now has no meaning at all and he has nowhere else to go. This can't be the case in the first section of the final fight in the boat since none of the ropes suspending the cannon were present. However, it is possible the fans were right if we consider when the cannon was about to fall on him to which Shen doesn't move and just closes his eyes and accepts his fate.
  • As revealed by the director, Shen was incredibly difficult to animate, which was compared to animating six characters all at once.
  • Shen and his followers never acknowledged Po's title as the Dragon Warrior; they only saw him as a threat simply because he was a panda. They are the only villains in the franchise to view Po as a threat that is not because he is the Dragon Warrior.
  • The way Shen's feathers open are incorrect anatomically, as peacock plumage is technically on their backs, thus he couldn't open his feathers without completely exposing his robes.

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Kung Fu Panda 3: Kai the Collector
Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll: Boar

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomness: Brotherhood of Malfeasance (Hundun, Taotie, Fung, Temutai & Tong Fo) | Fenghuang | Junjie | Scorpion | Lidong | Heilang | Bad Po† | Bian Zao | Fu-Xi | Ke-Pa† | Pang Bing | Alien Rice Weevils
Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny: Jindiao† | Jade Tusk | Rooster | Wing & Wong | Imperial Army (White Bone Demon, Shi Long & General Fang)

Video Games
Wu Sisters | Great Gorilla† | Fai Suan | Kuai Xun | Kai | Mao Ren | Mei Ling

Dominic Greene
Chase Young
Benjamin Willis
Randall Flagg
Alex DeLarge
Count Dracula (book)
Jerome Valeska
Lord Shen
Bill Cipher
Tate Langdon
Oogie Boogie
Dr. Venom
Krampus (Krampus)
Santánico Pandemónium
Judge Doom
Scorpion (MK)
Gendo Ikari
Victor Krane
Napoleon (AF)
Tony Montana
Candyman (CM)
Skeletor (MotU)
Immortan Joe
Walter White
Tom Cat
Count Orlok
King Dedede
Emperor Palpatine (SW)
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