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Crush them all!
~ Lord Sopespian

Lord Sopespian is one of the secondary antagonists of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. He is a high ranking Telmarine lord under King Miraz until he usurps him.

He was portrayed by Rory Edwards in the BBC series whil he was portrayed by Mexican actor Damián Alcázar.


During the Narnian Revolution, Sopespian fought the Narnians in the war. He eventually plotted with his cousin and sub-commander Glozelle to overthrow their king Miraz and take over the kingdom themselves. Their plan almost worked, as they convinced Miraz into accepting the challenge to a duel with Peter Pevensie, so Peter would kill him and Sopespian could take over the Telmarine army. During the fight, Sopespian was a Marshal of the Lists for Miraz, along with Glozelle, during the fight, Peter wounds Miraz, having the chance to kill him, Peter spares him instead, ruining Sopespian's plan, he helps Miraz to get up, but betrays him killing him with a Narnian arrow, Sopespian then blames it on the Narnians and a battle begins, during the battle Glozelle is knocked out by a living tree, and when the Narnians start to take over, Sopespian orders to retreat to the river, but they are intercepted in the bridge by Aslan and Lucy, Sopespian tries to attack them but Aslan invokes the River God, the Telmarines escape in terror but Sopespian stays in the bridge, the River God lifts the bridge with Sopespian still on it, Sopespian challenges him and the River God drowns him.


  • The film's director Andrew Adamson says Sopespian is similar to Iago from William Shakespeare's Othello". Where it seems that Miraz has the upper hand at the beginning, we see that Sopespian, like Shakespeare's Iago, is trying to manipulate the situation," as Adamson describes it.


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