Foolish Low-Landers! Only Kaos can preserve the Cloud Kingdom and, you know, also grant me that lovely villa overlooking the valley but if you wish so badly for the Thunderous Bolt, then come and take it!
~ Stratosfear confronting the Skykanders at Cloud Kingdom
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Lord Stratosfear is a minor antagonist in Skylanders: Superchargers. He only appears in the Cloud Kingdom level, though he is playable as a multiplayer-exclusive character for those who purchase the Sky Racing Action Pack.


Stratosfear is arrogant, rivalling and possibly overwhelming Kaos, he is also ruthless, snobbish and tyrannical. He truly believes that it is his birthright to rule the skies, Stratosfear has an incredibly low opinion of the underclass and the Skylanders as he describes them as peasants and doesn't believe they belong in the Cloud Kingdom.

Role in the Story

When the Skylanders arrive at the Cloud Kingdom, Lord Stratosfear has already aligned himself with Emperor Kaos, and has struck a deal with him to prevent the Skylanders from taking the Thunderous Bolt, which the other Storm Giants agreed to give them. He believes that he and his people should have no business with commoners. The Skylanders eventually defeat him and take the Thunderous Bolt to go into the Land of the Undead after Count Moneybone.

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