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What Sutekh hath created, let no man cut asunder.
~ Lord Sutekh in Puppet Master 5

Lord Sutekh is the unholy ancient Egyptian god which is the primary villain of the Puppet Masters series for begin the original owner of the ancient secret magic of eternal life that has been stolen for centuries by Afzel.


In Retro Puppet Master when a wizard called Afzel stole his secret of life, Sutekh revives his 3 Mummy Servants to hunt down the sorcerer and all those who are in possession of the his secret. When his undead slaves is killed by André Toulon, Sutekh resurrect them again (except the third mummy for being useless) and gave the power to the two mummies.

In Puppet Master 4, Sutekh in his demonic kingdom the Underworld know that others will know his secret. Because of this, he orders his watchers to send the Totems to eliminate all those who have knowledge of his magic. He orders his delivery man to deliver a Totem on Biotech when kill Dr. Leslie Piper & Dr. Carl Baker. Sutekh discovers others who are aware of his magic, this person is Rick Myers and his friends where they have possessions of Toulon puppets and orders his delivery man to deliver a Egyptian Ouija Board to be caught in a trap. His objective was frustrated when Toulon (inside the Decapitron) and his puppets annihilate the 3 totems for complete.

In Puppet Master 5, Sutekh take more drastic measures using his avatar called Dark Totem to kill who has the knowledge of his magic. He kill the Dr. Jennings' hired helpers for his own hands. He begins the final battle against André Toulon, Sutekh tries to escape to his kingdom until he is stopped by Toulon.



  • 1st Totem – Drilled by Tunneler.
  • 2nd Totem – Electrocuted by lighting after being tied up by Six-Shooter.
  • 3rd Totem – Exploded by Decapitron.
  • Dark Totem – Fried to a crisp after the explosion during the battle against Decapitron and got his skull crushed by Rick Myers.

Mummy Slaves


  • Puppet Master 4: The Demon
  • Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
  • Puppet Master 7: Retro Puppet Master (voice only)
  • Puppet Master 8: The Legacy (trailer only)



  • Sutekh's own name is an alias for the ancient Egyptian god Set also shared by the ancient alien from the Doctor Who series.


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