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Those who have stolen my magic, must die!
~ Lord Sutekh

Lord Sutekh is the unholy ancient Egyptian god of chaos, disasters, deserts, demons, and darkness. And he is the primary villain of the Puppet Masters series who made his debut appearance in Puppet Master 4. He's the original owner of the ancient secret magic of eternal life that has been stolen away by a wizard named Afzel from an ancient Egyptian tribe of Sutekh's worshippers, and in centuries later, that very magic of his which became the secret of animation that brings Andre Toulon's puppets to life, in turn made them Sutekh's enemies and targeted victims.

Sutekh has 3 slave mummies and 4 Totems. Sutekh placed his own essence inside the fourth, turned it into his avatar, and used it to destroy Rick Myers, his friends and the Toulon puppets, but his Totem avatar was eventually destroyed when it tried to escape.

Sutekh remains in his demonic kingdom the Underworld, but is still waiting for his next moment to strike.



  • 1st Totem – Drilled by Tunneler.
  • 2nd Totem – Electrocuted by lighting after being tied up by Six-Shooter.
  • 3rd Totem – Exploded by Decapitron.
  • Dark Totem – Fried to a crisp after the explosion during the battle against Decapitron and got his skull crushed by Rick Myers.

Mummy Slaves


  • Puppet Master 4: The Demon
  • Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
  • Puppet Master 7: Retro Puppet Master (voice only)
  • Puppet Master 8: The Legacy (trailer only)



  • Sutekh's own name is an alias for the ancient Egyptian god Set also shared by the ancient alien from the Doctor Who series.

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