Lord Sycophis

Lord Sycophis is the second in command to Queen Reptilla, and therefore the secondary antagonist of Kong: King of Atlantis.

He was voiced by Alec Willows in his Tarantulas voice.


Reptilla sent Sycophis and his underling, Minion, to bring Kong to Atlantis. Sycophis succeeded in convincing Kong to come with him and be king of Atlantis, and oversaw the fireflies making Kong a robe.

When Reptilla commanded them to make a crown for him, and was about to leave to oversee some preparations, Sycophis caught Jason, Lua, Tann, and Zeelah sneaking into the palace, and Reptilla had him imprison them, though they put up a fight before they were locked in a cell.

When Reptilla tried to brainwash Kong with a crown containing a mind control band, the rebels interrupted the coronation. After Kong realized Reptilla was evil, Sycophis attacked the bear cub that released Jason and the gang from their cell, and when Jason defended the cub, Sycophis wrapped his tail around him. Kong took Sycophis by the tail and threw him into the sky, where he exploded into nothingness.


  • His name is likely derived from the word "sycophant".
  • Unlike Reptilla and Minion, Sycophis has a tail in place of legs, giving him a similar appearance to a Naga or a Gorgon.