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Lord Ulbar is the main antagonist of the furry Webcomic Tales of the ShadowWood by Robert and Margaret Carspecken. Ulbar is an anthropomorphic wolf, brother of King Gareth and uncle of Prince Galen of Wolfhaven. He assassinates his brother and replaces the kingdom's guards with a cruel group of mercenary wolves called the Night Pack and  it's leader Captain Blackthorne. He tries to kill his nephews, but Prince Galen makes friends with forest children and they defeat Ulbar.


  • Lord Ulbar is similar to Scar from the Lion King. Both have a brother who are kings and both have their nephew as their main foe.
  • Ulbar is also similar to Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda. Both are the unrightful rulers of their kingdom and both have an army of wolves that obeyed their command.