Lord Vampyre is the main antagonist of the 2012 Lego theme "Monster Fighters".



He is the evil ruler of the Monster Realms and he wants to use the Moonstones to eclipse the sun forever and create a night eternal. His archenemy is Dr. Rodney Rathebone, and he is married to Vampyre's Bride. He has many minions, like his personal Zombie Driver, the Werewolf, the Ghosts, the Zombies, the Mummy, The Swamp Creature, the Crazy Scientist, his monster and some Manbats.

Vampyre's ultimate fate (judged from advertisements for sets) is assumed to be him losing a battle against Rathebone and falling backwards into his coffin waiting to resurface.

The Lego Batman Movie

In The Lego Batman Movie an unconfirmed character who resembles Lord Vampyre is among the criminals incarcerated in the Phantom Zone. When Joker was sent into the Phantom Zone and met the inmates where he pitched his plan to help them get out of the Phantom Zone and attack Gotham City, the vampire agreed to listen to the plan by quoting "Count me interested." However, it is unconfirmed however if this character is Lord Vampyre or another vampire who resembles him.


Lord Vamprye has traditional vampire features like chalk white skin, blood red eyes, fangs and slicked back black hair. He wears all black with the exception of his waistcoat which is red, his shirt which is white and his cravat which is also red. He wields a dark silver sword, wears a pocket watch and tattered cloak and can transform into a bat.


  • He is an obvious parody of the famous vampire Count Dracula.
  • He along with his wife's minifigures both have faces which glow a green tint when in dark lighting which is a common theme used by Lego in supernatural related characters.
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