Lord Verminaard is the main antagonist of Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the first book of the Chronicles of Dragonlance trilogy.


Verminaard grew up in the small province of Nidus in the dark region of Taman Busuk. His childhood years were a fierce struggle to survive, as the unwanted child of a brutal father. Verminaard grew strong under his father's yolk and emerged a mighty warrior, alongside his brother Aglaca. Where Aglaca followed a path of light, Verminaard turned to darkness.

He was tutored by the mage Cerestes, who was actually the red dragon Ember in disguise and claimed the enchanted mace Nightbringer, which allowed Takhisis to control him. Soon after he became the Lord of Nidus, succeeding his father and aiding Ember in the murder of his brother. Verminaard then left Nidus with his new ally, the red dragon Ember.

Ember was sent from Takhisis to this promising young warrior, to watch over him and guide him towards the dark path. Verminaard soon became one of Takhisis' first clerics in the Fourth Age, after most people had forgotten the 'old gods'. He rose to become a major power and joined the armies that Ariakas was mustering under Takhisis' banner.

After the failure of Phair Caron in Silvanesti, Verminaard assumed command of the Red Dragonarmy and governed the mines of Pax Tharkas. His army conquered wherever they trod and always returned victorious to the mines. Unfortunately for Verminaard his reign of terror did not last.

The Heroes of the Lance infiltrated the mines, freeing the prisoners and the crazy red dragon Flamestrike. Flamestrike attacked Ember and left Verminaard vulnerable. He then fought against the Heroes of the Lance singlehandedly, but was overcome by their superior numbers. The mighty conqueror was defeated.

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