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Lord Voidus (or simply Voidus) is the main antagonist of the rebooted Italian toy series of the year 2018 Gormiti. He is the tyrannical leader of a ghost-like demon called Darkan who wants to use the Elestar to conquer Gorm, and is also the master of Gredd, Xathor, Kratus and Cryptus and Lord Keryon's archenemy.


The dark Lord of Shadows has only one goal: to steal all of Gorm's magical energy and create a new kingdom, the realm of the Darkans! He has infinite powers: his fearsome dark magic required the joint effort of the four Lords and of all the Gormiti to drive him from Gorm and imprison him in Darkor, but this did not defeat him! Voidus is back to conquer Gorm!


Lord Voidus is very different from the other known Darkan, he is very tall (like the Gormiti Lords), he possesses a gilded black blue armor, he is very muscular, he has gloves and blue-black boots adorned with some golden features, a golden helmet with some scars, horns and a blue ponytail and he possessed a golden baton to channel the darkness.


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