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Villain Overview

There is no good and evil. There is only power... and those too weak to seek it!
~ Lord Voldemort to Harry Potter in their first meeting in the film adaptation of The Philosopher's Stone - his most famous quote.
You think I was going to use my filthy Muggle father's name forever? I, in whose veins runs the blood of Salazar Slytherin himself, through my mother's side? I, keep the name of a foul, common Muggle, who abandoned me even before I was born, just because he found out his wife was a witch? No, Harry. I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak, when I had become the greatest sorcerer in the world!
~ Lord Voldemort to Harry Potter.
Harry Potter... the Boy Who Lived... come to die!
~ Lord Voldemort before hitting Harry with the Killing Curse (though he ended up surviving).

Tom Marvolo Riddle, later known and feared as Lord Voldemort, is the main antagonist of the Harry Potter franchise. He is an evil Dark Wizard and the archenemy of the titular main protagonist, due to murdering his parents James and Lily Potter. He is the heir of Salazar Slytherin, who was destined to open the Chamber of Secrets and purge Hogwarts of all Muggle-Born students.

Initially, Voldemort's goals were only to fulfill his role as Slytherin's heir; as the years went on, however, he expanded his ambitions into taking over the entire Wizarding World and shape it under his and Slytherin's supremacist views and ruling eternally. Subsequently, Voldemort became the most powerful and feared Dark Wizard of all time, surpassing fellow Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald in the process, as well as the founder and supreme leader of the Death Eaters.

In the films, he was played in his main form by Ralph Fiennes (as an adult, who also played Amon Goeth in Schindler's List, Rameses in The Prince of Egypt, Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon, Dennis "Spider" Cleg in Spider, Lord Victor Quartermaine in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Harry Waters in In Bruges, Hades in Clash of the Titans, Raiden the Moon King in Kubo and the Two Strings, Professor Moriarty in Holmes & Watson, Barry in Dolittle and Chef Julian Slowik in The Menu) in the remaining five films; Christian Coulson (16-year-old) in The Chamber of Secrets; and both Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (11-year-old) and Frank Dillane (15-year-old) in The Half-Blood Prince. In The Philosopher's Stone, he was played by Richard Bremmer in the flashback scene, but voiced by Ian Hart (who also portrayed Professor Quirrell in the same film, Ghrak in Strings, Frankin Hall in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ryan McGregor in the BBC adaptation of Noughts & Crosses).



Voldemort's face on the back of Quirrell's head (notice his nose that looked like a normal human's instead of slit as in the books).

In his early years, Tom Riddle was an extremely handsome boy. He was described as having jet black hair, perfectly carved features, and dark eyes. The novel further elaborated him being virtually identical in appearance to his father, with no traces of Gaunts in him.

As he grew up, his involvement in the Dark Arts gradually deformed his appearance; in the flashback of him requesting a position at Hogwarts, he had become deathly pale, his face waxy and oddly distorted, and the whites of his eyes now had a permanently bloody look. Afterwards, he continued to go through many transformations.

He is tall, and skeletally thin. His face is an almost opaque texture, with deep, dark scarlet red eyes set in slits. His nose is as flat as a snake's, leaving small incisions for nostrils, and his fingers are unnaturally long, like a spider's legs. He can usually be seen wearing his black hooded cloak that always covers his face.

In the films, his physical description remained the same, albeit with some changes: he was given blue eyes so they would "show more emotion", and, when manifesting his face on the back of Quirrell's head while inhabiting him, his nose looked like normal instead of slits. Additionally, his restored body is shown to have very apparent veins on the top and back of his bald head (which some viewers misinterpreted as scale-like) and his eyes appeared normal instead of slits (the film adaptation of The Goblet of Fire briefly showed him with slit-like eyes upon opening them, however).


Voldemort: There is nothing worse than death, Dumbledore!
Albus Dumbledore: You are quite wrong. Indeed your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness.
~ Albus Dumbledore about Lord Voldemort's failure to understand the natures of death.

Lord Voldemort's entire personality is fairly two-dimensional, as his personal beliefs are that people should kill people to prove their superiority over one another. Considered "the most evil wizard in hundreds and hundreds of years", he is a textbook psychopath of the highest caliber, devoid of compassion and remorse, and single-minded in his pursuit of absolute power. He feels nothing for anyone but himself, and considers all others his inferiors. He is also obsessed with achieving immortality, and regards death as a shameful human weakness; in interviews, creator J.K. Rowling confirmed death is Voldemort's greatest fear. His ultimate ambition is to be all-powerful and live eternally, controlling the world and killing those who live in it forever in a way that is unopposed and unchecked.

As a young boy, he took sadistic pleasure in using his powers to bully and abuse other children. He developed sadistic hobbies like killing animals, and hoarded things that he stole from the other orphan children as trophies. This would eventually blossom into his conception of the Horcruxes. He exhibited a need for independence that bordered on pathological, preferring to operate in secrecy and solitude whenever possible. Voldemort preferred to use Horcruxes instead of the Elixir of Life (generated by the power of the Philosopher's Stone) to attain immortality, given he found reliance on the Elixir intolerable.

Despite his independent streak, he does rely on assistance from others if necessary. Voldemort often relies on his Death Eaters and an army of versatile beings to do his bidding, from overtaking the Ministry of Magic to trivial matters that he does not think are worth his time. During his reign of terror, he trusts the conquered Ministry of Magic to his army, assigning two of his Horcruxes to his lieutenant Death Eaters Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy, since both have the necessary resources and skills to ensure their safety. Prior to his return to power, he also relies on the cowardly Peter Pettigrew to take care of his crippled form.

As revealed in Dumbledore and Harry's investigation on his background in The Half-Blood Prince, Voldemort's inability to feel or understand love is related to the coercive relationship between his parents, Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle Sr.; Merope used a love potion on Tom in order to conceive a child. She died in childbirth and Tom abandoned the child, leaving him to grow up alone and causing Voldemort to grow up not knowing how to form emotional bonds. Without the need or desire for human companionship, he came to see other people as objects existing only to serve and benefit him, and to be discarded once they outlived their usefulness. The only other living creature that he displays any real affection for is his pet snake Nagini, even entrusting to her a piece of his soul by turning her into a Horcrux.

In his youth at Hogwarts, he was a model student and manipulated his teachers—except Dumbledore—into giving him whatever he wanted, especially information about the Dark Arts. He was also a consummate liar, managing to trick Slughorn into revealing his knowledge about Horcruxes and later feigning innocence when confronted by Dumbledore about mistreating his fellow students and, later, opening the Chamber of Secrets. Only two individuals saw through Voldemort at that time: Hepzibah Smith, who saw Voldemort's eyes flash red with avarice when he saw her treasured artifacts; and Albus Dumbledore, who knew from their first meeting that the boy was dangerous.

Voldemort is a xenophobe, despising non-magical humans ("Muggles") and those who are of mixed magical and Muggle heritage ("Half-Bloods"), even though he is one of the latter himself. In addition to erecting a statue depicting Muggles being crushed following the takeover of the Ministry of Magic, he rebukes the Muggle side of his parentage and welcomes his Death Eaters as his "true family", unleashing the Serpent of Slytherin to continue Salazar's cause in purging Muggle-Borns from Hogwarts. Despite his racism, however, Voldemort is willing to accept Half-Blood wizards into his ranks, such as Barty Crouch Jr., whom he sees as useful to him.

In spite of his narcissism, Voldemort can acknowledge his mistakes and even displays a degree of calculated humility. He did not hastily announce his return of power as soon as he regained his physical form except to his supporters. Upon his return, he used his candor and charm to win him his followers. He also showed his followers leniency, even though they had not sought to help him after his downfall, realizing he could not afford to mistreat them until returning to full strength. However, as Harry noted, he ultimately did not learn from mistakes he made, especially relating to matters he did not value.

While typically presenting a calm, reserved, and sophisticated façade, Voldemort can fly into fits of violent rage when things don't go the way he wants. During his mood swings, he instinctively casts the Killing Curse at whoever happens to be there, even his own allies. For example, when he learns that Harry Potter and his friends manage to steal one of his Horcruxes (the Cup of Helga Hufflepuff) from the Lestrange bank vault, he breaks down and slaughters dozens of Gringotts staff.

Voldemort finds it useful to maintain a system of followers drawn from the Slytherin-centric Wizarding aristocracy, disaffected paupers with long-gone noble origins, and petty criminals. With immortality and world domination serving as his main goals, however, Voldemort treats the fight for pure-blood supremacy and purifying the Wizarding race as secondary priorities in his reign. He allows his followers to set up a pure-blood supremacist regime at the Ministry of Magic to control the government, which both compensates them for their service and ensures their continued loyalty to him. He also leaves the matters about wizarding aristocracy in the hands of his followers (matters which he has little to no interest with) while focusing on increasing his own dominion and stamping out opposition, using his Slytherin ancestry and promises to help them achieve their ends. Voldemort also appeals to their shared contempt for Muggles and Muggle-Borns.

Voldemort's weaknesses are arrogance, a fear of death, and total disregard for things that he does not understand—all of which eventually contribute to his downfall. The biggest difference between Harry and Voldemort is that Harry, as the true Master of Death, accepts his mortality, which ultimately makes him the stronger one. Furthermore, due to Voldemort's immense evil and lack of a human soul, he is unable to cast the Patronus Charm, a powerful and benevolent protective charm that is a manifestation of positive energy and happiness, which Voldemort is incapable of feeling. Lastly, Voldemort's obsession with immortality leads to him creating seven Horcruxes, which ironically leaves him unable to achieve his goal of living forever upon the destruction of the Horcruxes.

Despite his arrogance and narcissism, he holds no value in his own aesthetics, as through the creation of his Horcruxes, he became more serpentine and less human. While noted as eerily pale, in his youth, Tom Riddle was still considered exceptionally handsome, however, Voldemort would go on to sacrifice his appearance in the pursuit of power and immortality; granted, since his physical appearance was inherited from his father, Tom Riddle Sr., a Muggle, he likely felt he was merely discarding a Muggle trait that never had any value, thus wished to purge his non-magical attributes, while also rejecting his own humanity. Regardless of his inhuman appearance, he had the charisma, cunning, and cruelty that ensnared obedience from his Death Eaters and other magical supremacists.

Powers and Abilities[]


I can make things move without touching them. I can make animals do what I want without training them. I can make bad things happen to people who are mean to me. I can make them hurt if I want to... I can speak to snakes too. They find me, whisper things. Is that normal for someone like me?
~ Tom Riddle about his magical abilities he demonstrated at the orphanage.

Voldemort showing his great power.

  • Master Wizard/Fallen Wizardkind Physiology: Before even knowing his true nature as a wizard (a sub-species of the human race distinguished by their ability to use magic and longevity) of half-blood lineage born through a coerced union between his Muggle father Tom Riddle Sr. and pure-blood witch mother Merope Gaunt, the young Voldemort could already use his magical power to move objects, manipulate animals, and "make bad things happen" to people who annoyed him, in a much more controlled display of magic than his brethren at that age. As his mentor and future nemesis Albus Dumbledore feared on the very moment he met him, Voldemort eventually grew into the most powerful, skilled, and dangerous Dark Wizard of all time, surpassing Gellert Grindelwald in might and cruelty. It was believed that anyone who dared to utter his name would be doomed with misfortune (a belief that is only true throughout the Second Wizarding War, thanks to a Dark Arts spell Voldemort and his followers invented which allowed them to track down anyone who had the courage to violate such taboos and weakened their magical defenses in process). Nevertheless, he was acknowledged as the most brilliant student to have ever attended Hogwarts during his early days as Tom Marvolo Riddle, prior to his meddling with the Dark Arts that changed him to a skeletal, humanoid abomination with a serpentine visage. Only two individuals in the Wizarding World can evenly match him in direct confrontation: Dumbledore and the Boy Who Lived himself (applicable once Harry disposed all of his Horcruxes and was regarded as the true master of the Elder Wand).
  • Magic: Even at a young age, Voldemort proves himself to be a precociously gifted magical prodigy. Prior to learning of his wizard heritage and receiving his very first wand, he already displayed an exceptional degree of control over his usage of magic through tormenting his fellow orphans at the orphanage, moving objects with his mind, and controlling animals to do his bidding (snakes in particular, via Parseltongue). His extraordinary magical ability as a child foreshadows his power as the Dark Lord who surpassed Grindelwald and, worse, experimented and pushed the boundaries of magic farther than they had been pushed, even by saner Dark Wizards. His sheer magical might and knowledge made him capable of overcoming almost any problem at hand, which made it absurdly difficult for Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix to end his reign of terror. However, Voldemort was not as invulnerable as many believed him to be. His inability to understand love—a force which empowered Harry—became his greatest weak point.
    • Wandless and nonverbal magic: Voldemort is also immensely accomplished at both wandless and nonverbal magic, and he could use both effortlessly. He could move objects magically without the need to mutter incantations, such as when he waved his hand to remove the masks from the Death Eaters who returned to him after his rebirth, easily lifted the grounded Harry Potter up by harshly motioning him, and instantly disarmed him with a simple wave of his arm during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. He was also capable of pushing a dead giant out of his way with a lazy wave of his hand during the Battle of Hogwarts. Voldemort was capable of casting spells ranging from simple charms to Dark spells and even the most advanced of magic such as the Unforgivable Curses to their full potency without speaking the incantations.
    • Dark Arts: Voldemort was unbelievably talented and phenomenally accomplished in the Dark Arts at all levels, exhibited by: creating seven Horcruxes and placing dangerous magical defenses over them; creating an army of Inferi; possessing full mastery of Unforgivable Curses; casting a jinx on the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts powerful enough to ensure that no one could keep the position for more than a year; brewing dark potions such as the Drink of Despair; manipulating the cursed flame, Fiendfyre. Even in his weakened state while inhabiting Quirrell's body and his later rudimentary body prior to his return, Voldemort is still able to perform powerful curses on ease.
      • Necromancy: As stated previously, Voldemort has demonstrated the ability to create an army of Inferi animated from countless corpses of his victims.
      • Horcrux-supported Immortality: Voldemort has created seven Horcruxes to obtain immortality. Only by destroying them he reverted to his mortal state. The Horcruxes are:
        • Riddle's Diary (created by murdering Myrtle with the aid of the Serpent of Slytherin).
        • Marvolo Gaunt's Ring (created after slaughtering the entire Riddle family).
        • Salazar Slytherin's Locket (created after killing a Muggle tramp).
        • Helga Hufflepuff's Cup (acquired by murdering Hepzibah Smith).
        • Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem (acquired after the murder of an Albanian peasant).
        • Harry Potter (accidental Horcrux made from the murder of James and Lily Potter). The instability of Voldemort's soul from his murders saw a piece of it broke off and imbued into Harry's scar when his Killing Curse rebounded in courtesy of Lily's Sacrificial Protection.
        • Nagini's snake form (acquired after the murder of Bertha Jorkins).
    • Potion Brewing: Voldemort is exceptional when it comes to magically brewing potions, as demonstrated through the Drink of Despair he invented as part of defensive measures to protect Salazar Slytherin's Locket, his success in recreating the dark regeneration potion that restored both his body and power at full might, the brewing of a rudimentary body potion to create a less than reliable husk for his master soul to inhabit, and even the brewing of a poison to assassinate Hepzibah Smith.
    • Charms: Voldemort was extremely skillful with Charms. He was able to cast such a powerful Disillusionment Charm that it hid him from his own eyes and a Summoning Charm to summon the Sorting Hat from many floors of Hogwarts. He also dispelled Harry's Disarming Charm at very close range on ease and levitated Charity Burbage over the table at the meeting at Malfoy Manor, among other feats.
      • Memory Charm: Voldemort is familiar with the Memory Charm, as he was able to extract certain memories of Bertha Jorkins sealed by the spell.
      • False memory spell: Voldemort displayed that he could manipulate the memories of others if desired.The only instance he did so was when he manipulated the memories of Morfin Gaunt and Hokey to frame them.
    • Elemental Magic: Voldemort is an immensely accomplished elementalist, particularly in the elements of fire and lightning. He used this ability by setting Neville and the Sorting Hat aflame, conjuring a powerful blast of lightning when stealing the Elder Wand from Dumbledore's tomb, and projecting a blast of lightning to destroy the protective barrier around the Hogwarts castle during the Battle of Hogwarts.
    • Unsupported Flight: Voldemort is able to magically fly without using a broomstick or other forms of support. He even taught Severus Snape how to replicate the feat, whereas other Witches and Wizards before him failed. In the first film, he assisted his host Quirinus Quirrell in performing the feat to Firenze.
    • Apparition: Voldemort can apparate with pinpoint accuracy from one place to another, even when locked in combat to quickly evade spells and attacks from his foes. He can also apparate silently: a feat only Dumbledore and he managed to achieve.
      • Dark Cloud Apparition: A film-exclusive variant of the ability and aforementioned unsupported flight where he flies by transforming himself into a dark jet of cloud, instead of teleporting from one place to another.
    • Occlumency and Legilimency: Voldemort has mastered both Occlumency and Legilimency to shield his mind and penetrate the minds of others. He displayed great talent in both of these abilities, to the point where he was capable of performing the feat non-verbally. According to Severus Snape, he can use Legilimency to even control and unhinge the minds of others, creating incredibly realistic visions to drive them mad until he put them out of their misery after "extracting the last exquisite ounce of agony." Whereas most skilled wizardkind such as Snape, Narcissa, Dumbledore, and Grindelwald typically countered his Legilimency with their mastery over the art of Occlumency, Harry improvised through his sheer ability to feel and be empowered by love. This proved so excruciatingly painful to the Dark Lord that he blocked their connection with Occlumency (which only weakened should he become extremely angry) and dared not to make another attempt to peer into the mind of the Boy Who Lived.
    • Power of Possession: The only ability he retained after the loss of his physical form was the ability to possess a living being. He used this ability to move from the bodies of others—be it animals or other wizardkind—with the side effects of losing memory of what happened during the possession and degrading lifespan. This explains why he had Quirrell drink the blood of a unicorn: to buy themselves more time during their ill-fated quest to claim Nicholas Flamel's Philosopher's Stone. When he possessed the former DADA teacher, Voldemort displayed the ability to manifest his face at the back of the latter's head and even allowed him to function with little control he had on himself. It's unclear whether this ability was exclusive to him, since he was the only one who performed the feat.
    • Parseltongue: The unmistakable proof of being the descendant of Salazar Slytherin is Voldemort's ability to speak with and command snakes and other serpentine creatures, a feat he inherited from Marvolo Gaunt and involuntarily passed to Harry Potter by accidentally turning the Boy Who Lived into his seventh and final Horcrux. He deeply favored this power, for it allowed him to command the Serpent of Slytherin, a basilisk Salazar trained to obey only him and his true heir.
    • Transfiguration: Voldemort displayed unrivaled skill in Transfiguration, able to transmogrify Dumbledore's fire-rope into a black snake during their duel and craft silver objects with great durability, such as Wormtail's silver hand and a snake-like silver shield to block Dumbledore's spells.
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Despite his greater interest to the Dark Arts over DADA, the fact that Voldemort attempted to apply onto the position of a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Hogwarts indicates that he gained a sufficiently high score on his O.W.L and N.E.W.T exams for it. The subject was once his favorite subject as the student. It can be surmised that he also learned advanced spells that few knew of, thus supporting his claim that he had the knowledge and expertise to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.
    • Spell Creation: Voldemort has invented spells that became Death Eater's trademark abilities, such as the Dark Mark summoning, unsupported flight, and ones devised to support his rudimentary body. Among said spells include defensive charms and curses put in his Horcruxes to make them difficult to break (even Elder Wand-assisted Dumbledore had trouble with doing so).
    • Alchemy: Owing to his attempt to claim Nicholas Flamel's Philosopher's Stone in a bid to regain a new body, Voldemort mastered sufficient alchemical skills to be able to properly use a Philosopher's Stone.The extent of this skill was never revealed, due to Harry managing to secure the Stone—leading to its eventual destruction.
  • Physical Aptitude: Despite his current skeletal physique, Voldemort was in deceptively great shape, able to overwhelm Harry with his agility and brute force alone.
  • Indomitable Willpower: Voldemort possesses an unbreakable determination to achieve his goals, which in turn allowed him to be patient throughout long and complicated schemes. He displayed unusual endurance and tolerance to boredom, as he was able to take risks such as personally confronting Harry time and time again and displaying no fear for anything but death (which he perceived as a pathetic weakness of human being) and Dumbledore, one of the two individuals who could stand against his evil magic.
  • Longevity: Voldemort would have lived a long life like Dumbledore, if he had not become an immortality-seeking Dark Wizard who ends up meeting his downfall and death at the age of 71 (the average lifespan of Muggles).
  • Vein of Instability and Violence: While technically not an actual power, Voldemort's lack of morality and humanity was arguably matched only by Harry Potter's ability to love. This could be attributed to genetically induced mental instability that pervaded the Gaunt bloodline from which he was descended. Dumbledore once explained how the Gaunts' pure-blood elitist mindset, which drove them to marry their own cousins and inbreed, severely affected the physical and mental health of their descendants. Although Voldemort's late mother Merope apparently lacked her father Marvolo's insanity, it ultimately resurfaced within Voldemort in the most catastrophic way possible: from his childhood to his bloody campaign as the Wizarding World's most terrifying Dark Lord. He was endowed more than enough malice to perform the worst of the Dark Arts, among other atrocities. Had Merope chosen to raise him with love or at least had him adopted and raised in a loving environment, the "vein of instability and violence" Voldemort inherited from Marvolo would have been quelled or significantly eroded.


  • Duelling Skills: Voldemort possesses an immense, nearly unparalleled dueling skill rivalled only by Dumbledore in terms of raw power as well as the only one in the history of the Wizarding World who face off the latter and avoid defeat or capture at the same time. Although Harry managed to match Voldemort as good as Dumbledore did throughout their duels and even defeated the Dark Lord in the end, it must be noted that Harry managed to do so thanks to outside influences (the first duel ended at stalemate due to their wands share the same cores and therefore incapable of harming each other, the second ended with Voldemort retreating because Lucius' wand he used at that time cracked by the excess burst from Harry's Disarming Charm generated by the latter's wand recognises the Dark Lord as his kin and mortal enemy, and the final one won by Harry because the Elder Wand has recognized the Boy Who Lived as its true master through careful planning by Dumbledore and Snape before their respective death). Moreover, he managed to overpower even Minerva McGonagall, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Horace Slughorn (who were masterful duellists themselves) simultaneously despite unable to harm them lethally thanks to Harry's sacrificial protection. Much like Dumbledore, however, his dueling style is an unpredictable one, able to instinctively switch styles in a blink of eye and casts destructive Dark Arts spells in an aggressive manner.
    • Voldemort's raw power is challenged by existing canon which established that Grindelwald was only "a shade less skillful" even with the Elder Wand than Dumbledore. Voldemort was pushed to the brink by an elderly Dumbledore who showed no desire to kill or even capture Voldemort.
  • Wand versatility: Voldemort can use other people's wands as good as with his own with no handicap, having used Morfin's to slaughter the Riddle family, able to use Lucius' second wand for a brief of time and even executed Charity Burbage for her Muggle teachings which deemed to be an affront to the belief of Pure-blood supremacists only to break it upon confronting Harry Potter, and even able to use his usual level of magic with the Elder Wand despite not being fully a master of it.
  • Intimidation: Thanks to his unequalled, if not incalculable capacity for heinous torture and murder people of the Wizarding World ever seen, Voldemort commanded an extremely frightening presence that drove even low-level thugs to willingly follow his bidding unquestioningly, instilling immense fear upon courageous people such as Harry himself but not so much with Remus Lupin and Dumbledore, effortlessly keeping his inner circle of Death Eaters in place by fear, and inspired people to believe that mentioning his name alone will trigger misfortune upon the speaker, a fact that only true after the success of making his name a true taboo by the time of the Second Wizarding War.
    • This is only ever really shown in Great Britain, though some foreign wizards show fear when faced with Voldemort, this is understandable given his appearance and the fact that he targeted Muggles and Elderly Wizards. Grindelwald, in contrast, sparked a global wave of terror that was known to wizards from many different countries.
  • Intellectual genius: Voldemort possessed an incredible, genius intellect cemented by his status as the most brilliant student ever to attend Hogwarts by Dumbledore himself and being the mastermind behind the two most devastating conflicts throughout the Wizarding World and even nearly conquered the entire Great Britain.
  • Charisma: Voldemort displayed remarkable charisma that allows him to manipulate people to do anything he wants and even won the respect of nearly every single one of the Hogwarts staff except Dumbledore. As the Dark Lord, he managed to sway scores of followers to join his cause, though Sirius claimed he may resort to blackmail if necessary. Even while losing most of his power from his ill-fated attempt to kill baby Harry, Voldemort managed to sway Quirrell to share his body with him until he able to claim the Philosopher's Stone which unfortunately failed and through the projection of his younger self via. his Diary, able to manipulate Ginny before downright possessing her.
  • Acting skills: Voldemort proved himself a consummate actor, able to keep up his model student facade before everybody in Hogwarts during his study there except Dumbledore who have suspected his true, sinister nature since the day he met him at the orphanage he is raised at.
  • Leadership skills: Voldemort's aforementioned intellectual genius, charisma, and acting skills further supplemented his great capacity as a leader, having led a small gang in Hogwarts who responsible for nasty incidents in the magic school that became the precursor of the Death Eaters. His leadership style changed from simply a charismatic figure to a downright effective yet ruthless tyrant after becoming the dreaded Dark Lord, but nevertheless managed to nearly topple magic community of Great Britain and later, downright conquering it with less than forty Death Eaters after both Wizarding Wars.
  • Salesmanship skills: A greatly overlooked skill of the Dark Lord is his impressive salesmanship skill during his time at Borgin and Burke's at his late teens supported by his vast magical knowledge and charisma, even though it was partly for reclaiming Hufflepuff's Cup. He was often reserved for rather delicate matters that took subtlety and persuasion which he quickly mastered.
  • Teaching skills: Voldemort displayed great capability as a successful instructor, a fact that caused Dumbledore to ensure that the future Dark Lord wouldn't be able to apply at the position of Hogwarts' DADA teacher, knowing he would use it to train his future army instead of teaching anti-Dark Arts techniques the position was meant to be. As the Dark Lord, he taught his followers how to perform Dark Arts he invented himself, mainly Dark Mark summoning (Morsmordre). He even personally taught Bellatrix her signature Dark Arts skills, showing Severus Snape how to achieve unsupported flight like he did, and properly instructing Wormtail how to brew dark potions. Both Hagrid and Quirrell acknowledged Voldemort's teaching capabilities in separate occasions; the latter deliberately sought him to study magic under his tutelage.


Don't you turn your back on me, Harry Potter! I want you to look at me when I kill you! I want to see the light leave your eyes!
~ Lord Voldemort taunting Harry Potter during their first duel in the fourth film.
We are not playing hide-and-seek, Harry. (Death Eaters laughed in the background). You cannot hide from me. Does this mean you are tired of our duel? Does this mean that you would prefer me to finish it now, Harry? Come out, Harry... come out and play, then... it will be quick... it might even be painless... I would not know... I have never died...
~ Lord Voldemort taunting Harry Potter during their first duel in the fourth book.
I was ripped from my body, less than spirit, less than the meanest ghost, but still, I was alive.
~ Voldemort about the aftermath of his ill-fated attempt to kill baby Harry.
Voldemort is my past, present, and future.
~ Tom Riddle revealing his true identity as Lord Voldemort to Harry Potter.
See what I have become? Mere shadow and vapour ... I have form only when I can share another's body... but there have always been those willing to let me into their hearts and minds... Unicorn blood has strengthened me, these past weeks... you saw faithful Quirrell drinking it for me in the forest... and once I have the Elixir of Life, I will be able to create a body of my own... Now... why don't you give me that Stone in your pocket?
~ Voldemort to Harry about his non-corporeal and parasitic state of existence before demanding the Philosopher's Stone in his possession.
Voldemort: Lucius, my slippery friend. I am told that you have not renounced the old ways, though to the world you present a respectable face. You are still ready to take the lead in a spot of Muggle-torture, I believe? Yet you never tried to find me, Lucius. Your exploits at the Quidditch World Cup were fun, I daresay... but might not your energies have been better directed toward finding and aiding your master?
Lucius: My Lord, I was constantly on the alert. Had there been any sign from you, any whisper of your whereabouts, I would have been at your side immediately, nothing could have prevented me —
Voldemort: And yet you ran from my Mark, when a faithful Death Eater sent it into the sky last summer? Yes, I know all about that, Lucius... You have disappointed me. I expect more faithful service in the future.
Lucius: Of course, my Lord, of course... You are merciful, thank you...
~ The exchange between Lucius and Voldemort during the latter's return to power in the fourth book.
Kill the spare!
~ Voldemort ordering Wormtail to kill Cedric Diggory.
I remember only forcing myself, sleeplessly, endlessly, second by second, to exist. ... I settled in a faraway place, in a forest, and I waited... Surely, one of my faithful Death Eaters would try and find me... one of them would come and perform the magic I could not, to restore me to a body.., but I waited in vain...
~ Voldemort admonishing his Death Eaters for failing to resurrect him sooner
Dumbledore: It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom. The Aurors are on their way.
Voldemort: By which time I shall be gone. And you... shall be dead.
~ Voldemort meets Dumbledore after many years.
Voldemort: You do not seek to kill me, Dumbledore? Above such brutality, are you?
Dumbledore: We both know there are other ways of destroying a man, Tom. Merely taking your life would not satisfy me, I admit.
Voldemort: There is nothing worse than death, Dumbledore!
Dumbledore: You are quite wrong. Indeed, your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness.
~ Voldemort to Dumbledore before their duel.
You have been taught how to duel. Harry Potter? We bow to each other. Harry, Come, the niceties must be observed...Dumbledore would like you to show manners... Bow to death, Harry. ... I said, bow, very good, and now you face me, like a man ... straight-backed and proud, the way your father died...
~ Voldemort preparing to duel Harry Potter
I have been careless, and so have been thwarted by luck and chance, those wreckers of all but the best-laid plans. But I know better now. I understand those things that I did not understand before. I must be the one to kill Harry Potter, and I shall be.
~ Voldemort discussing Harry Potter's triumphs and his own failures.
For those of you who do not know, we are joined here tonight by Charity Burbage who, until recently, taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes ... Professor Burbage taught the children of witches and wizards all about Muggles ... how they are not so different from us ... Not content with corrupting and polluting the minds of Wizarding children, last week Professor Burbage wrote an impassioned defence of Mudbloods in the Daily Prophet. Wizards, she says, must accept these thieves of their knowledge and magic. The dwindling of the purebloods is, says Professor Burbage, a most desirable circumstance... She would have us all mate with Muggles ... or, no doubt, werewolves...
~ Voldemort tormenting Charity Burbage before murdering her.
Say it again! Say it again! Impostors? What impostors? I thought Gringotts had ways of revealing impostors? Who were they? And they took? Tell me! What did they take?
~ Voldemort interrogating a Gringotts Goblin, becoming aware of Harry's Horcrux hunt
I know that you are preparing to fight. Your efforts are futile. You cannot fight me. I do not want to kill you. I have great respect for the teachers of Hogwarts. I do not want to spill magical blood. Give me Harry Potter, and none shall be harmed. Give me Harry Potter, and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Harry Potter, and you will be rewarded. You have until midnight.
~ Voldemort's ultimatum before the Battle of Hogwarts
You've been a good and faithful servant, Severus, but only I can live forever.
~ Voldemort before betraying and killing Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.
Avada Kedavra!
~ Voldemort's last word in the book, and also his final Killing Curse.
Voldemort: I killed Snape!
Harry: But what if the Wand never belonged to Snape? What if its allegiance was always to someone else? Come on, Tom. Let's finish this the way we started: TOGETHER!
~ Voldemort's last word in the film.

Other Appearances[]

The Lego Batman Movie[]


Lord Voldemort appeared as a supporting antagonist in The LEGO Batman Movie, being a prisoner of the Phantom Zone. He is released on Gotham City by the Joker, who uses him to help him wreck havoc and try to destroy Batman. He unleashes his wand to transfigure citizens and officers alike into fishes and frogs. He is defeated when Batgirl disarms him with her grappling hook and sends him back to the Phantom Zone.

Here, he was voiced by Eddie Izzard, who also played Professor Bedlam in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Dr. Schadenfreude in Igor, Nigel Bakerbutcher in The Simpsons, Sir Miles Axlerod in Cars 2, Abel Gideon in Hannibal, Burnish in Abominable, Hervnick Z. Snerz in the 2019 Netflix Green Eggs and Ham series, Rachel Hyde in Doctor Jekyll and Long John Silver in Treasure Island in 2012.

How it Should Have Ended[]

1258869548165 6

Voldemort appeared in the episode "How Harry Potter Should Have Ended", where he is defeated by Snape when he ambushes him with a gunshot from "Muggle weapons". Afterwards, he would become a recurring character for the "Villain Pub" segments, usually joined by Loki Laufeyson, the Joker, and Emperor Palpatine. He is often the most emotionally vulnerable of the quartet, although his misgivings are not often misplaced.

He is voiced by Daniel Baxter.

Space Jam: A New Legacy[]

Lord Voldemort makes a cameo appearance in the 2021 film Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel to the 1996 Warner Bros. hybrid film Space Jam, with Ralph Fiennes reprising his role as him. He appears alongside other villains from other Warner Bros. properties such as the 1989 incarnation of Joker, Agent Smith, the Wicked Witch of the West, and the 2017-19 incarnation of Pennywise the Dancing Clown as one of the speculators of Al-G Rhythm's basketball game. Much like in The LEGO Batman Movie, Lord Voldemort has been reunited with Agent Smith and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Robot Chicken[]

He appeared in Robot Chicken. In the segment Voldemort’s Nose, where Voldemort is being insult by wizards for having lacking his nose. He went to a doctor to get a nose job. This resulted in being complement and praised for having a nice nose before a door at Ollivander’s wand shop hit Voldemort’s face, which broke his nose twice, by James Potter. He wants to kill James’ and his infant son.

He also appeared in another segment called Potter/Voldemort Final Showdown, where he and Harry are having a wizard duel only to be instantly defeated by the latter using a handgun.


The following gallery contains images of those who were killed by Voldemort (or under the Dark Lord's direct orders). Some of them deliberately murdered to tear his own soul apart so the fragments can be fashioned into Horcruxes.


  • The name Voldemort comes from the French "vol de mort", meaning "flight of death" or more figuratively "theft of death" (In correct French pronunciation, the T at the end is silent; however, it is generally pronounced by English-speakers).
  • Ironically, Lord Voldemort seeks immortality, only to die at 71, the average age of a Muggle. Furthermore, due to all the damage he inflicted on his soul, he can't even have immortality in the form of a ghost.
  • Voldemort's ultimate goal is slightly different between the books and films. In the books, he wishes to enslave Muggles and take over the Wizarding World, while in the films, he desires to commit genocide against everyone who is not a Pure-Blood Wizard, including all Muggles. However, a dialogue with Bellatrix Lestrange in the first chapter of The Deathly Hallows suggests that even in the book there may be an intention, on her part, to exterminate all those who are not of pure blood (“And in your family, so in the world. . . we shall cut away the cancer that infects us until only those of the true blood remain. . . . ").
  • According to J.K. Rowling, Voldemort's character is based on three real-life dictators: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Benito Mussolini.
    • However, Voldemort parallels much of Hitler.
      • Hatred for fathers: Hitler had a strict and brutal father who disapproved of him while Voldemort's father deserted his mother after the love potion wore off. Both had mothers who were empathic towards them and were very supportive though Voldemort's mother died after giving birth to him.
      • Excellence in skills with rejections leading to pursuit in power and politics: Voldemort excelled in his academics in Hogwarts though was forbidden from applying to the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher post, while Hitler excelled in art though he was rejected from art school, leading him to pursue politics instead.
      • Common hatred of race: Voldemort to Muggles and Muggle-Borns after researching his family's history and Hitler to Jews after knowing the Jewish heritage of the professor who rejected his entry to art school and the doctor who tried to save his mother from dying of cancer, along with blaming them for taking Germany's wealth.
        • This is speculative, it remains unclear where Hitler's hatred of Jews came from. It was not unique, as anti-Semitism had been extremely common in Europe for centuries. The doctor who could not save his mother was in fact spared when Hitler took over Austria, he was even allowed to leave the country, and it is said that Hitler was grateful for the care he gave, even if he could not keep his mother alive.
      • Promotion of fascist ideologies and racial superiority despite not being the true example: Hitler promoted Aryan supremacy by claiming that tall, blonde-haired and blue eyed people were the master race despite him being brown-haired and standing only 5' 9", with blue eyes being his only Aryan characteristic as well as statements from other parties that he has partial Jewish heritage. Voldemort promoted pure-bloods as the supreme race of Wizards and wished to purify the Wizarding race of Half-Bloods and Muggle-Born but was actually a Half-Blood himself.
        • Speculations and statements of Hitler having partial Jewish heritage, which only a few historians believe to be true, inspired J.K. Rowling to create Voldemort as half-blood.
      • Anti-Semitic and racist literature: Hitler wrote and published Mein Kampf (My Struggle), where he details his anti-Semitic views and policies. In a similar manner, Voldemort also wrote racist, anti-Muggle beliefs in a diary, later enchanted to become a horcrux after the death of a Muggle-born witch through the basilisk's gaze.
      • Youth corruption: Hitler uses his youth skills to identify, recruit, indoctrinate, and train the finest, tallest, blond Aryan youth to serve as Germany model citizens through two youth programs: Hitler Youth and German Youngsters to train boys as Germany's future soldiers, League of German Girls with Young Girls League and Faith and Beauty Society to train girls to be the country's greatest servants). Voldemort, after taking over the ministry, sought to train Hogwarts students to become Death Eaters by abolishing other houses and forcing them into Slytherin by using Snape (who is still secretly loyal to the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore, and ensuring Harry's victory) as Headmaster to the school.
        • The Inquisitorial Squad, founded by Dolores Umbridge and composed of mostly Slytherin students, was inspired by both Hitler Youth and League of German Girls.
        • The Carrows' tenure as Hogwarts Deputy Headmasters taught Dark Arts and anti-Muggle studies.
  • Like Dolores Umbridge, Voldemort left permanent scars on Harry Potter. However, Umbridge is far more hated than Voldemort among fans, due to her motivations being far more sadistic.
  • In The LEGO Movie universe, it's possible that Lord Voldemort wasn't defeated by Harry Potter or his Horcruxes didn't get destroyed like in the Harry Potter canon, as he is seen imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.
  • According to J.K. Rowling, Voldemort doesn't eat, having reached a point of inhumanity in which he doesn't actually need food.
  • Although it was established that Nagini being the only one whom Voldemort cherished, The Cursed Child stated that the Dark Lord apparently felt the same way towards Bellatrix Lestrange as much as he viewed her as mere tool like the rest of his followers, so much that the two sired an illegitimate child that later revealed to be Delphini. Given to such instalment's controversies (ex. Cedric Diggory's bizarre fall from grace, possibility of Voldemort being sterile as the unfortunate side effects of his deformations via. repeated Horcrux creations and other meddling with harmful Dark Arts) however, this trait of his was not considered canon among astute fans lore-wise.
  • In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry and Voldemort are similar as much as they are opposites to each other:
    • Harry and Voldemort have blood relations with Salazar Slytherin, but...
      • Harry is very distantly related to Salazar Slytherin, but is not a descendant of him since he is related more to the third Peverell brother.
      • Voldemort is directly descended from Salazar Slytherin through the second Peverell brother.
    • Both are orphaned half-blood wizards whose one of their parents happened to be a pure-blood member of the wizardkind, but...
      • Harry's mother and father, the Pure-Blood James and Muggle-Born Lily, were a genuinely loving couple and parents for Harry, in addition of being willing to give their lives to protect their only child.
      • Voldemort's parents, the snobbish noble Muggle Tom Riddle and Pure-Blood Merope Gaunt, were united by a coerced love and marriage that led to catastrophic consequences to the Wizarding World; whereas Tom eventually left his wife as soon as the bewitchment placed on him (an Imperious Curse as theorised by Harry or a Love Potion by Dumbledore) lifted off and was later butchered (alongside the rest of his family) by Voldemort himself, Merope lived a miserable life and died in depression after giving birth to their baby son, unable to provide love to Voldemort and thus leading to his future rise as both an abomination and the Dark Lord.
    • Both have developed their magic in the equal age, but...
      • Harry was sceptical about being a Wizard even after unknowingly using his magic before eventually able to master it through his study at Hogwarts.
      • Voldemort has fully mastered his magic before receiving his proper education in the same school and even used it to harm others.
    • Both are known for making a significant number of friends, but...
      • Harry deeply trusts his allies and friends as the bonds he made with them filled the void the Dursleys refused to fill following the death of his parents (although Harry later reconciles with Dudley and in a lesser extent, with Petunia) .
      • Voldemort feels no affection towards his allies and friends and only sees them as expendable pawns at best.
    • Both are one of the notable students of Hogwarts, but...
      • Harry is already famous through his status as the Chosen One and is a kind individual despite having records in breaking rules, sometimes to stop Voldemort.
      • Voldemort was a model student who exploits his reputation as a mask to hide his malicious nature.
  • The scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in which Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters cheer at having supposedly killed Harry Potter in front of Harry's friends and allies by laughing has become a popular Internet meme since the film's release, as the way Ralph Fiennes performed Voldemort laughing at his apparent victory was deemed as too odd and weird, leading to YouTube remixes of Voldemort repeatedly laughing in that annoying way.
    • According to analysis made by Redditor Emotional-Narwhal930 in this post however, Voldemort's aforementioned bizarre display of behaviour further attributed to his lack of understanding regarding love and other forms of strong emotions as well as driven only by the desire to become the all-powerful and eternal Dark Lord. When Harry seemingly perished for real, Voldemort was overwhelmed by the genuine feeling of happiness for the first time in his life that he didn't know how to properly deal with it, more so because in all his life, he consistently put up facades throughout his interactions with others.
  • Voldemort's portrayal in The Cursed Child, though posthumous, is less malevolent compared to both the original seven books and their film adaptations considering that he reciprocated Bellatrix's obsessive love for him somewhat leading to the two sired a child they named Delphini, indicated him attained a degree of understanding about love more than either he or his enemies realized. However, what made him still as detestable is the fact that that Voldemort sees his new family as extensions of his own power and authority, rather than caring for them such as Harry did with his own family. However, his conception of Delphini with Bellatrix is dubious, as it is implied that the Dark Lord became sterile as a side-effect of his dark transformations over the years.

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Batman: Soul of the Dragon: Nāga | Kobra (Jeffery Burr, Schlangenfaust, Lady Eve, King Snake & Rip Jagger) | Ben Turner | Shiva | Richard Dragon | Jade
Batman: The Long Halloween: Holiday | Falcone Crime Family (Carmine Falcone, Milos Grapa, Alberto Falcone, Johnny Viti & Sofia Falcone) | Two-Face | Joker | Solomon Grundy | Salvatore Maroni | Poison Ivy | Penguin | Scarecrow | Mad Hatter | San Ho Hui (Mickey Chen) | Calendar Man | Catwoman
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Batman (1943)
Prince Daka

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Court of Owls (Rebecca March, Lincoln March, Cressida Clarke, Hamilton Hill, & Talon) | Mutants (Vernon Wagner) | Two-Face | Gotham City Police Department (Detective Ford) | Dylan McKillen | Arthur Brown | Crystal Brown

Video Games
Gotham Knights
Court of Owls (Jacob Kane, Constance Cobblepot & Talons) | League of Shadows (Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul & Man-Bat Commandos) | Gotham City Police Department (Catherine Kane) | Penguin | Harley Quinn | Mr. Freeze | Clayface

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