Zamielmon, also known as Lord Zamielmon, is one of the Dark Generals of the Bagra Army, the ruler of Honey Land, and is one of the main antagonists in the second half of the anime Digimon Xros/Fusion. He is also known as the Wood-Spirit.

He was voiced by Travis Willingham and later Derek Stephen Prince in the English version.


Zamielmon is an Unknown Level Digimon. He is quite nimble, expeditious, breakneck, and speedy, and although he was originally a giant before consuming Digi Honey, he is now small enough to fit in a human child's hand. He wears a hunter-themed outfit, with multiple bows and arrows, and a tail that doubles as a third hand. The tail is used to load his Indra arrow into the bow built into his body.


After Lord Bagra obtained the completed Code Crown, he reformatted the Digital World into seven satellite kingdoms. Lord Zamielmon, serving under AxeKnightmon, is installed as the ruler of Honey Land. He was originally a giant until he consumed the Digi Honey that he had his minions create from the energy they stolen from other Digimon, resulting in his small size.

After the Fusion Fighters defeated NeoMyotismon, they arrived in Honey Land where they encountered Zamielmon and his Honeybeemon minions feeding off Lilamon's energy. Mervamon arrived on the scene and slayed several Honeybeemon as well as attacking Zamielmon, but he was too tiny to be attacked, and her brother, Ignitemon, prevented her from attacking Zamielmon.

Zamielmon returned after eating honey, and summoned his henchman, GrandisKuwagamon. Zamielmon force Digi-Fused his Honeybeemon minions with GrandisKuwagamon, making him become his Honeybee Mode form. After JetMervamon defeated GrandisKuwagamon, Zamielmon vows revenge.

Lord Zamielmon sends an invitation to trick the Fusion Fighters in take them to a twisted amusement park, where there was snow and lava and a Ferris wheel while Zamielmon toyed with them with his arrows. After Beelzemon and MetalGreymon destroyed Zamielmon's honey, confront Zamielmon after that, and he grew 40 ft. in size, returning to his original giant self, and fought the Fusion Fighters. He easily overwhelmed MetalGreymon, then OmniShoutmon and ZekeGreymon became Shoutmon DX, but Zamielmon was still too quick even for his gigantic size. He attempted to assassinate Shoutmon DX with his The World Shot attack, but JetMervamon distracted him and Shoutmon DX defeated Zamielmon by impaling him through the stomach.

Zamielmon reappeared along with the other Death Generals as souless Digimon, and all combined together to form the ultimate Death General, GrandGeneramon. After GrandGeneramon was defeated, Zamielmon and the other Dar Generals disintigrated to nothingness.

Minions of Lord Zamielmon


  • Ultimate Arrow
  • Arrow Blizzard


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