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The Lord of Dust is the main antagonist of the 2018 zombie survival game Metal Gear Survive. It is the hive mind of advanced, self-replicating nanomachines known as Dread Dust.


Once a medical nanomachine built in the future, the Dread Dust began to self propagate at an alarming rate and developed a mind of their own, possessing humans that came into contact with it into zombie-like monsters called the Wanderers. At some point, a swarm of the Dread Dust formed together into a central focus, a towering beast called the Lord of Dust. Once the world was completely ravaged by the machines into a lifeless world called Dite, the Lord of Dust opened a wormhole to the past to restart its cycle of consumption.

One wormhole opens in 1975 above the Big Boss' Mother Base that drags the entire base into Dite, forcing them to fight against the horde of Wanderers that plan to infect them with the Dread Dust. After surviving multiple numbers of Wanderers, the survivors are able to replicate the Dread Dust's ability to call upon a wormhole to their time period. However, this attracts the Lord of Dust, using balls of nanomachines to attack and demolish their base. Fortunately, the survivors are able to escape and close the wormhole before the Lord of Dust could follow them in.

Upon learning of a possible weakness to the Lord of Dust based on the samples that they obtained from the Wanderers and Seth, the survivors return to Dite in a plan to kill the Lord of Dust using the power of the Metal Gear Sahelanthropus. Creating another portal to attract the beast, they trap it using spikes of their own nanomachines to restrict its movement. After fighting off a horde of Wanderers, the railgun of the Sahelanthropus becomes fully charged, allowing the Captain to shoot it in a weak spot between two segments of the Lord of Dust. However, the severed link quickly reattaches itself while the Lord of Dust manages to free itself from the trap. Vergil AT-9 reveals that the Lord of Dust will keep coming due to it lacking the concepts of life and death, sacrificing their life to merge with the Lord of Dust by flying into its mouth, allowing the Captain to shoot the railgun again into the Lord of Dust, blasting its head off. The plan works and the Lord of Dust and the rest of the Dread Dust cease functioning for good.





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