Lorelei Handeguarde is the main antagonist of the Korean-Canadian animated film Polly Pocket: Pollyworld. She is a greedy and envious woman who conquers the heart of wealthy businessman John Pocket and tries to fend off his daughter Polly.

She was voiced by Kathleen Barr.


Lorelei appears in the film Pollyworld. Polly knows she's already dating her father and having future wedding plans. Even Lorelei is presented sympathizing Polly, but she strange with Lorelei believing that she is not a good person. The truth about Lorelei is revealed later when Beth discovers that she is trying to get hold of John's wealth at the same time is planning to convince him to send Polly to a boarding school, far from her dad. Upon learning that Lorelei is planning against Polly, Beth offers to help her.

During the movie Lorelei manipulates Samuel (Polly's butler) to convincing to quit his job, leaving Polly sad. Then she can manipulate John to send her daughter away from her mansion causing her to abandon her friends and her father.

She is unmasked at the end of the film by Beth's fault that accidentally makes confess his lies in front of the cameras during the show at the end of the contest, and John discovers the whole truth and to reunites with his daughter.



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