Ciao, Mickey Mouse!
~ Lorezno to Bond.

Lorenzo is a minor antagonist of the 2015 James Bond film Spectre. He is a member of SPECTRE who works for Ernst Stavro Blofeld as a bodyguard.

He was portrayed by Peppe Lanzetta.


Lorenzo was briefly seen during the SPECTRE meeting in Rome as Blofeld tends to discuss about the progress of his fellow agents and their plots following the death of Marco Sciarra. Following the arrival of Bond, Lorenzo demands to know who he is, to which Bond claims that he's Mickey Mouse by showing Marco Sciarra's ring that he's wearing. As such, Lorenzo allows Bond to join the meeting and informs one of the guards to phone Blofeld of Bond's arrival.

However, following the death of Guerra at the hands of Mr. Hinx, it turns out that Blofeld is awaiting the arrival of Bond and deliberately lets him attend the meeting so that he can expose his identity. With that in mind, Lorenzo confronts Bond by saying "Ciao, Mickey Mouse!", hoping to kill him. However, an angry Bond smacks Lorzeno in the nose before sending him to fall from a balcony to his death. This allows Bond to escape, even after being pursued by Mr. Hinx.



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