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Lorenzo is a supporting antagonist in Season 15 of Red vs. Blue: Season 15. He is an Italian-speaking robot and a member of the Blues and Reds, a faction of Simulation Troopers much like the Reds and Blues.

Despite speaking Italian, he is voiced by Burnie Burns.


Desert Gulch

Like the rest of the Blues and Reds, Lorenzo had a relatively carefree and laid-back existence while stationed at Desert Gulch, though he was frequently taken "hostage" by the Blue Team. One day, however, two Freelancers (Carolina and Tex, fierce rivals) were stationed on opposite teams for a training exercise. Their fight inadvertently resulted in the death of one of the Reds, Biff, greatly affecting everyone, including Biff's best friend Mark Temple. Some time later, after not receiving orders from Command, the Blues and Reds, led by Temple, investigated a Project Freelancer outpost, learning they were merely pawns for soldier training. Angered by this revelation, the Blues and Reds seek revenge on the UNSC and Project Freelancer.

After Chorus-Charon War

Ten months after the war on Chorus, the Blues and Reds bombed a UNSC outpost, killing everyone in the building and stealing UNSC equipment. Lorenzo also accompanied them on a mission to Sidewinder where they ran into Dylan Andrews and Jax from the Interstellar Daily. When questioned by the latter, the Blues and Reds attack them, but are eventually chased off by Spencer Porkinsenson.

Lorenzo and the other Blues and Reds meet their heroic counterparts later on at Desert Gulch and deceive the Reds and Blues into believing the UNSC was killing off Project Freelancer personnel. The two factions become brief allies before their true colors are eventually revealed.

During their raid on Earth, Surge sends Lorenzo and Cronut out to deal with the Reds and Blues, with Lorenzo taking control of the tank's weapons. Jax distracts Lorenzo by insulting Italian filmmakers, giving Tucker an opening to board the tank and kick off Lorenzo's head. While his body is destroyed in the tank explosion, Lorenzo's head swears vengeance.


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