Loretta is the villainous second-in-command of the Rebel Army's Blaze Brigade and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Fire Inhibition

In her first appearance, Loretta was sent alongside Huracan to destroy a rogue Real John that was causing problems for the Amadeus Syndicate and a nearby Rebel Army facility . The two manage to destroy the machine but in the process, Loretta destroys the whole facility with her machine. The two leave to get away from the smell produced by the machine.

Try Line 2nd

Loretta joined the rest of the Blaze Brigade in fighting a battle against the Mars People to increase their division's reputation within the Rebel Army. The two were joined by new recruit Norah, though Loretta was initially skeptical of Norah's capabilities due to her shyness. However, Loretta later discovers her true personality when she finds Norah battling Marty. She then drags Norah away to safety before Grazia burns the whole place down.

Bloom Disaster

Loretta showed up alongside her commander and Norah to confront the Invader Bloom Metzelei when she began attacking the Blaze Brigade soldiers. Before they could fight Bloom, Fedeln Metzelei appeared and annoyed Bloom into leaving.


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